Get Alto’s Odyssey for super cheap right now for a limited time

Alto’s Odyssey is one of our most favorite games of all time on iOS! Now’s the perfect time to grab it and check it out yourself if you haven’t already.

Right now, you can snag the gorgeous infinite sandboarding game, Alto’s Odyssey, for just $1.99. That’s 40 percent off the normal price of $4.99.

If you haven’t heard about Alto’s Odyssey, it’s the follow-up to the popular Alto’s Adventure game that came out several years ago. In Adventure, you snowboarded down snowy mountainsides and were chasing after the llamas that escaped from the village, returning them to the elders. In Odyssey, you’re now hitting the sandy and windy dunes of the desert, which are full of canyons and temples galore.

While both games are very similar in game mechanics, Odyssey did add a few new tricks that you can do, such as scaling up walls and bouncing off of hot air balloons while you ride. There are also several different biomes in the game, which alter the visuals and gameplay.

We’ve been huge fans of Alto’s Adventure when it originally came out, so naturally, we loved Alto’s Odyssey as well, as you can tell from our review.

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the most beautiful games we’ve played on our iOS devices, and it was well worth the five bucks we originally paid for it. So being able to snag it for $2 is a total deal, and you shouldn’t miss out!

$1.99 (Limited time) – Download Now

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