3 products that would be hits for Apple – if they’d make them

Dan Moren for Macworld:

Some of the choices that Apple has made about products to not pursue have been surprising. Especially when it seems as though the market in question is desperately in need of a solution that would be right up Apple’s alley.

Earlier this month, during the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, I noticed a few places where it seemed as though Apple was missing out on an opportunity. Some of these might be cases where the company has decided it doesn’t want to be in a specific business, and some might merely be a case of a future product not being ready yet—from the outside, there’s really no way to tell. But here are three cases in which it seems like an Apple product or service might be a welcome alternative to what exists, if not something that fills a gap no one else seems to be addressing.

MacDailyNews Take: What we really want, along with AirPort mesh networking Wi-Fi*, is an Apple display for the rest of us!

*Apple may have killed off AirPort in order to get HomeKit on as many router makers’ wares as possible. If so, it’s a move than will pay off down the road.

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