Yeelight’s HomeKit Bedside Lamp II Added To Mi Home

At CES this year, Yeelight made public a few forthcoming products, many of which were displayed as HomeKit compatible. One such device that we’ve mentioned previously was the Yeelight Bedside Lamp II, although at the Yeelight’s CES booth it was called the ‘Yeelight Bedside Lamp Prime’. No release date was actually announced though, and until last week’s launch event themed “Light the Life, Explore Beyond” in Guangzhou, China, there was no more news of this product.

Now, in the Mi Home app, the device has finally made an appearance. The product listings section for the Mi Home app are updated remotely, so devices like this will appear without any notification, but this is also usually a sign that new products are about to be released.

The device itself uses WiFi, but initial pairing, like many many Yeelight products, uses Bluetooth. The device itself is quite similar to the Mi Bedside Lamp II, although it’s approximately half the height. There’s still no word on pricing yet, but it would be released in China first, with international resellers, like AliExpress and GearBest following on soon after. It’s HomeKit compatible, but it will also work with the Mi Home app, as well as Yeelight’s own app. It’s capable of the standard 16m colours, which can be controlled via app, voice or touch control. Like some Philips Hue lights, the Bedside Lamp II also has a function that simulates sunset and sunrise, which is helpful if you want to be gently woken up.

As it’s designed as a bedside lamp, the brightness isn’t that high, coming in at a maximum of 200lm, with the range of colour temperature being 2700-6500K. The size of the device compared to the Mi Bedside Lamp 2 is comparable in terms of its width/depth, at 140mm/5.5″, but around half the height, at 100mm/3.94″.

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