Style your Apple Watch with these Harry Potter: Wizard Unite bands

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is launching June 21st, and we here at iMore cannot wait to get in on all the wizarding world action. We have our wands at the ready, but all we need now is an Apple Watch band that’ll complete our wizarding adventure. Here are the best and brightest watch bands for all of your Wizards Unite fun.

Rugged Magic

Camyse Shockproof Protective Case

Staff Favorite

Secure, sturdy, and super safe, the Camyse Shockproof Protective Case is a band that’s designed to keep your Apple Watch from scratches, scrapes, and shattering. It’s made from a comfortable silicone material and comes in black, gray, Ravenclaw navy blue and Gryffindor red.

$15 at Amazon

Harry Potter Pattern

Wizarding World Leather Handmade Strap

The Wizarding World Leather Handmade Strap is a luxurious leather strap with a simple, yet effective, Harry Potter pattern. You can pick from rose gold, black, silver, and gold connector colors to perfectly match your Apple Watch’s aluminum body. Ships from Canada.

CA$66.28 at Etsy

House Pride

IYOU Silicone Replacement Sport Strap

The IYOU Silicone Replacement Sport Strap is a bright and bold band that’s ideal for working up a sweat while wandering the wizarding world. It can easily be adjusted depending on the size of your wrist and comes in stunning Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff color choices.

From $6 at Amazon

Hogwarts Colors

TopicPopic Hogwarts Band

If Hogwarts ever had an official watch band, it would probably be the TopicPopic Hogwarts Band. TIt fits all sizes of Apple Watch and is made from soft, genuine leather. The best part? The super intricate Hogwarts logo on the band. Ships from Canada.

CA$53.09 at Etsy

I Solemnly Swear I’m Safe and Secure

i-Blason Premium Hybrid Bumper Band

Keep your Apple Watch safe from the perils of the outside world with some help from the i-Blason Premium Hybrid Bumper Band. Not only is it a rugged and reliable band, but it also comes in Ravenclaw blue, Slytherin green, and Gryffindor red color options (sorry, Hufflepuffs…)

From $15 at Amazon

Positively Potter-riffic

Casetify Harry Potter Pattern Band

The Casetify Harry Potter Pattern Band is a simple and sleek watch band that boasts a minimalist Potter pattern. It’s covered in small eye-glasses and Deathly Hallow symbols and comes in black or white color combinations.

$52 at Cafetify

All Things Potter

BlackAndWhiteUA Harry Potter Hogwarts Watch Strap

The BlackAndWhiteUA Harry Potter Hogwarts Watch Strap is a bright and eye-catching Apple Watch band that’s covered in all things Potter! From the Nimbus 2000, to Hogwarts, to the Golden Snitch and even Harry and Hedwig themselves, it’s a great band for any Harry Potter fan.

$39 at Amazon

Accio, Color!

Younsea Soft Silicone Sport Replacement

Comfortable and colorful, the Younsea Soft Silicone Sport Replacement is a flexible Apple Watch band that can be easily adjusted to fit large and small wrist sizes. It comes in a striking Hufflepuff yellow, Gryffindor red, and Ravenclaw blue (sorry, fellow Slytherins!)

From $5 at Amazon

We solemnly swear we’re super excited for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

We’re so excited to start playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the perfect Apple Watch band for all of our wizarding world adventures. The Casify Harry Potter Pattern band is a terrific option to consider if you want a classic looking band with a subtle Potter flair — plus it’s super comfortable and breathable.

If you’re looking for a band that’s a bit more rugged and reliable, the Camyse Shockproof Protective Case is a great band to take a peek at (plus it comes in a beautiful red color that’s perfect for the Gryffindor in your life!)

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