New lens adds Hollywood sheen to iPhone video

Sandmarc's new anamorphic lens
Sanmarc’s new cinema lens provides 2.4:1 aspect ratio coverage.
Photo: Sandmarc

The iPhone may be a game-changing tool in the film industry, but it still needs a supporting cast that includes software and accessories.

Sandmarc believes its new anamorphic lens can play a starring role in your next masterpiece.

The anamorphic lens is an important accessory because of its ability to capture wide, sweeping scenes without distortion. It’s also known to produce vivid flares, especially from hard light sources in night shoots.

image made with anamorphic lens
The new anamorphic lens packs in the information without distortion.
Photo: Sandmarc

As the iPhone camera improved with each new generation, filmmakers saw an opportunity to produce projects without having to raise the money for expensive cameras and lenses.

When Tangerine won rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015, director Sean Baker said using the iPhone 5s to make the movie would not have been possible without an anamorphic lens to give him the perspective he desired.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh last year used iPhones to shoot two feature films, Unsane and High Flying Bird and declared the iPhone the future of film-making.

Sandmarc has a well-earned reputation for supporting photographers and videographers with filters, lens attachments and other gear for the best mobile tools, like iPhone, DJI drones, and GoPro action cameras.

Sandmarc joins a small community of mobile lens makers that produce an anamorphic lens. The new Sandmarc lens covers a 2.4:1 wide aspect ratio for cinema-like coverage. The multiple glass elements are in a tough aluminum housing and the $159.99 price includes a pro durable mounting case.

anamorphic lens and case from Sandmarc
The lens includes a mounting case and is available for iPhone XS, XS Max and the iPhone XR.
Photo: Sandmarc

The lens can be ordered on the Sandmarc website and is available for the iPhone XS, the XS Max and the iPhone XR.

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