How to set up HomePod to play music when you arrive home

With the arrival of iOS 13, you can now automate your HomePod to play your favorite songs as soon as you walk through the door. Setting up the automation involves using the Home App, and can be done with just a few taps. Before you begin, make sure that both your iOS device and your HomePod are running the latest software, as this will not work with any versions prior to iOS 13.

How to automate the HomePod to play music when you arrive home

  1. Open the Home App and tap on the Automation Tab.
  2. Tap the plus icon.

  3. Choose People Arrive.
  4. Tap on the i button next to Anyone Arrives.
  5. Make sure that you select yourself, and uncheck others if this is only for you.
  6. Tap next and select your HomePod from the device list.
  7. Tap on Audio.

  8. Choose Play Audio and select Choose Audio.
  9. Go into your library, and navigate to your favorite song or playlist by selecting where it is stored.

  10. Tap on your song or playlist. You can select more than one if you wish. Select done when you have finished.
  11. Turn on any desired options such as repeat or shuffle.
  12. Tap on either Use Current Volume or Set Custom Volume and set accordingly.

  13. Tap back, and select done.

Once your automation is created, your HomePod will now be ready to welcome you home with your favorite tunes. Don’t forget to check your volume options on the automation, as your HomePod may greet you with a unexpected serenade of loud music at the level that you were listening to previously.

Additional Equipment

Now that your HomePod is set to play music when you arrive home, you can take it to the next level by combining it with an Apple TV or additional HomePods. Adding an Apple TV to the mix can be accomplished with just a single tap, and your music will play in sync throughout every room in your home.

If you have multiple HomePods, we recommend protecting your furniture by using a pad underneath it or a wall mount to prevent any instances of staining on your wood surfaces.

Apple TV 4K

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The HomePod is a perfect companion to the Apple TV 4K and it can be added to your new automation to create a more dynamic atmosphere. Starting with tvOS 13, you can even see and follow along with your music’s lyrics on the big screen.

Pad & Quill Leather HomePod Coaster

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Pad & Quill is known for their high quality leather cases for the iPhone and iPad, and their HomePod Coaster brings their craftsmanship to Apple’s speaker. The oversized coasters are available in three colors, black, whiskey brown, and chestnut brown.

HomeBase HomePod Wall Mount

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Get your HomePod off of the table with the HomeBase Wall Mount. The flush-mount design offers a clean look thanks to its built in cable management, and it comes in both black and white to match your HomePod.

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