5 Tips to Speed Up Your MacBook: A collection of hints to improve MacBook performance

Apple MacBook Air (2011)

Apple MacBook Air (2011)

Marco Antonio Ghiani for Hackernoon:

Almost seven years ago, I bought my first MacBook, the one I’m still using to write this article. It was the first MacBook Pro Retina released in mid ’12, and after a summer working as freight loader and saving the necessary money (I was a teenager without a job), I finally bought it!

The sensation was incredible, that was my first MacBook, and I really care about my stuff. But is also true that, without any maintenance, a computer can get easily slower and old. That’s why I always look for any way to improve my MacBook performance, and after these years I have some interesting tips that I’d like to share with you, to keep your device fast as mine after all these years!

MacDailyNews Take: These five tips are a great starting point. Older Macs that have never had these five simple things done may see a noticeable speed increase!

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