How to get the Apple Watch Classic Buckle Look for less!

While the Apple Watch Classic Buckle band is beautiful to look at and is truly a timeless accessory that matches almost any outfit and occasion, the price can seem a little steep for some. Apple has recently changed the buckle on the Classic Buckle strap for the Apple Watch to more of a square design, but if you’re looking to spend less on the original Classic Buckle look, then we’re going to hook you up.

Best for Most

Fullmosa Genuine Leather Band

Staff Favorite

The Fullmosa Genuine Leather Band is a super soft and incredibly comfortable band replacment that can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of different wrist sizes. The stainless steel buckle is pretty much the exact same as the original Classic Buckle design and it comes in a wide variety of color options.

$11 at Amazon


MiFa Leather Apple Watch Band

This matte black leather band with a black stainless steel clasp not only looks sharp, but it’s also made from real leather that’s meant to be more breathable to allow the skin underneath to stay dry. Perfect if you’re on the move on a sunny day.

$25 at Amazon


iBazal Apple Watch Leather Band with Classic Metal Buckle

Designed to only work with 38/40mm Apple Watch sizes, this genuine leather band is soft and flexible, making it ideal for day-to-day wear and tear. It can easily be adjusted depending on the size of your wrist with the help of the stainless steel classic buckle and its 12 holes.

$16 at Amazon

Easy Installation

JISON Lambskin leather band replacment

With the JISON Lambskin leather band replacment, you don’t need to worry about using tools to attach or detach the band. Simply slide on the Classic Buckle lookalike and you’re good to go. The band itself is made from a super-smooth lambin leather that’s comfortable for day-to-day wear and comes in a number of different colors.

$22 at Amazon

Luxury Look

MARGE PLUS Apple Watch Genuine Leather strap

This Classic Buckle knockoff is priced low but looks and feels like a more expensive Apple Watch accessory. Its thick stitching and polished stainless steel buckle make it quite eye-catching, while the bands secure to the Apple Watch so tightly that you won’t have to worry about it sliding off your wrist.

From $13 at Amazon


NewSilkRoad plaid Apple Watch band

The NewSilkRoad plaid Apple Watch band is perfect if you want to make a statement. These a bunch of different colors and patterns, quality leather band, and stainless steel buckle, this band is bound to make any leather lover happy.

From $13 at Amazon

Find the perfect Classic Buckle replacement for the perfect price

Apple Watch bands don’t have to be expensive, grab any of the bands listed above and feel good about spending less money for a great band regardless of what style you like. We personally love the look, feel, and affordable price tag of the Fullmosa Genuine Leather Band: plus, it looks incredibly similar to the real deal.

For a more comfortable, breathable leather band, we suggest taking a peek at the MiFa Leather Apple Watch Band listed above. Not only is it incredibly stylish, but it’s made to be secure and soft while y9ou go about your busy day.

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