Hidden features in Apple’s iOS 13 that you probably don’t know about

Mark Linsangan for AppleInsider:

The first beta of iOS 13 has been out for nearly two weeks so lets take a look at some hidden features you might’ve not known about.

With the new Files app, you can also Zip, and unzip files directly from your iOS device without the need to use macOS. When you’re done, you can Airdrop those files back to your iOS device. This is really handy for those who strictly use an iPad as their main computer and don’t want to download a third-party app for this one task.

If you’re a big Voice Memos user, you can pinch to zoom in the Voice Memos app which lets you zoom in on the waveform to help edit your recordings a lot easier…

MacDailyNews Take: There are many more in the full article, if you prefer text to the video above. iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 are really going to be big releases that really deliver performance and power to users of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!

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