Files & Camera improvements and other changes in iOS 13 beta 2

Sit back and relax as iDownloadBlog’s Harris Craycraft takes you on a quick tour of some of the biggest changes in the second developer beta of iOS 13.

Video: hands-on with iOS 12 beta 2

Arriving two weeks following the inaugural release of the iOS 13 developer beta, the second beta packs in several notable improvements for the Files and Camera apps (listed further below) along with a whole host of interesting tweaks and small changes that improve your everyday experience of using the refreshed mobile operating system from Apple.

But first, watch Harris’s hands-on video walkthrough of iOS 13 beta 2.

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iOS 13 beta 2: everything new improved & fixed

Here’s a list of all the changes in the second beta of iOS 13.


  • The new High-Key Light Mono effect is now available for 2018 iPhones.
  • You can now adjust the strength of Portrait Mode lighting via a new intensity slider.


  • You can now connect to SMB file servers.
  • Files now supports the Apple File System (APFS).


  • A splash screen announcing multiple voice recognition and other HomePod features.
  • A splash screen announcing Picture-in-Picture and other new Apple TV features.


  • New Memoji stickers for fingers crossed, shush, thinking and victory.
  • Announce Messages with Siri now includes an additional Send Replies Without Confirmation toggle.
  • The Tapback feature has new sound effects.


  • New checklist options to move checked items to the bottom of the list.


  • The new Show Link Previews toggle is available in Safari’s settings.
  • New options in Share sheet to share a webpage as a PDF or a Web Archive. A new Automatic option chooses the best format for each app or action.

Screen Time

  • Downtime settings now sync to Apple Watch.


  • The parallax effect can now be turned on or off when setting a wallpaper.
  • The Select All for All Inboxes returns to the Mail app under Edit → Select All.
  • Bringing contextual menus up with long taps has a new sound.
  • Apple Maps has a new splash screen.
  • The Calendar app packs in slight interface tweaks.
  • CarPlay design has been tweaked, now includes album art in Now Playing.
  • The Voice Control shows a circular blue microphone icon in the status bar when on. The icon is dimmed when the phone doesn’t have your attention.

If you manage to spot other changes, report them in comments and we’ll update the article.

Your take

Have you installed, or are you planning to install the second developer beta of iOS 13 onto your iPhone or iPad? If so, what’s your favorite improvement in beta 2?

Be sure to let us know by sharing your thoughts with fellow readers in the commenting section down below. Installing these developer betas requires having an Apple Developer account.

For those of you wondering if Apple will release iOS 13 to public beta testers, yes it will, and probably tomorrow.

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