Class up or dress down your Fitbit Inspire HR with one of these bands

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a great little fitness, health, and heart rate tracker. It has an all-black body and it comes with your choice of silicone band — Black, Lilac, or White — so it’s sleek too. The silicone bands are great for the gym, the pool, and your athleisure needs, but what if you want something a little dressier? What if you just want some different colors to give your Fitbit some different looks? Here are some of the best bands you can get for your Fitbit Inspire HR.

Milanese look

Findway Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

Staff Favorite

This band is designed to look like Apple’s masterful Milanese Loop, which is a personal favorite of mine because it’s both comfortable and elegant. The magnetized loop means there are no holes or buckles, insuring a perfect fit for almost everyone. It looks good on everyone and goes with everything. Choose from 11 different colors.

$10 at Amazon

A little bling

Mtozon Metal Band

This band transforms your Fitbit into a pretty bracelet. Rhinestones give the band some sparkle and the drawstring closure ensures a snug fit so the Fitbit Inspire HR can still track your heart rate. Choose from Silver, Black, Rose Gold, and Rose Pink.

From $14 at Amazon

Dressed up

Shangpule Stainless Steel Band

When you want your Fitbit Inspire HR to look like an elegant watch, not a health and fitness tracker, dress it up with this gorgeous stainless steel link bracelet. Choose from four colors: Rose Gold, Silver, Red, and Black.

From $14 at Amazon

Woven nylon band

NAHAI Woven Fabric Band

This heavy-duty woven nylon fabric band is tougher than your average band. It does feel a bit stiff at first, but it will soften up as you use it. Choose from 11 different colors.

$9 at Amazon

Heavy-duty tough

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Band

This is the band you need for your next Ironman race. Even if you don’t compete in triatholons, there are other situations where you want to provide extra protection to your fitness tracker. SUPCASE’s raised bezel bumper and tough band has you covered.

$14 at Amazon

Unusual Steampunk

Marval Power Leather Bracelet

Steampunk might be your style, or it might not, but it definitely makes your Fitbit Inspire HR look like something totally different. The handmade leather and metal band has a snap closure. Choose from ten colors.

$19 at Amazon

Classic leather style

CAVN Leather Band

You can’t go wrong with a simple leather band at a bargain price. It’s a classic-looking watch band, the hardware is brushed stainless steel, and there are seven leather colors to choose from.

$9 on Amazon

Leather plus screen cover

UMTELE Leather Band

This beautiful leather band comes in six different colors ranging from natural to bold. It’s stitched along the edges with thread that matches the leather color and, as a nice bonus, it comes with a TPU screen protector, which may come in handy.

From $11 at Amazon

Double tour style

Aresh Double Tour Leather Band

Do you love the Hermés double tour style that wraps twice around the wrist? You can have that style on your Fitbit Inspire HR. There are five colors from which to choose: Orange, Pink, Black, and Brown come with black hardware and the White band has silver hardware.

$19 at Amazon

Bold patterns

EEweca Microfiber Band

If you want a colorful, patterned look for your Fitbit band, check out the three that EEweca offers. They’re made from microfiber and you have three pattern choices; in addition to the abstract pattern shown here, there are two floral looks as well.

From $10 at Amazon

Colorful prints

Allbingo Cute Bands

Do you like skulls, animal prints, flowers, or abstract designs? Allbingo has you covered with its cute bands. With 11 different colors and patterns to choose from, this is a band worth checking out. There are also some basic colors if the patterns aren’t your thing.

$10 at Amazon

Bargain choice

LittleForest Silione Band

If all you want is a simple silicone band similiar to the one that came with your Fitbit, check out LittleForest. You get seven different colors from to choose from, or pick up one of its three-packs for an even better bargain. This is an inexpensive way to expand your band collection.

From $5 at Amazon

Which one should you choose?

I just love the Milanese mesh metal look, so my first pick is the Findway Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet. Apple’s Milanese Loop is such a masterful design, so it’s no wonder that it sparked a trend. Fit is sometimes a band issue regardless of whether your wrists are big or small because sometimes you’re just between holes. That’s never a problem with a magnetic loop, you can adjust it however you like. Whether your situation is dressy or casual or in-between, this band will always look just right.

If you don’t particularly like stainless steel, maybe you’d prefer the warmth of genuine leather. In that case, the UMTELE Leather Band is worth checking out. It’s both classy and classic. While you wouldn’t wear this band to the pool or the gym, you still have the silicone band your Fitbit Inspire HR came with for wet situations. I’m not a screen cover person myself, but I’d imagine there are times where having one would be useful, such as rock-climbing or other situations where your screen might get scratched.

However, maybe you’re more casual, or you just don’t like to change out bands for the gym, pool, and everyday life. For you, these cute Allbingo bands will fit the bill. Take the athleisure look to the next level with these fun and whimsical styles. From edgy skulls and animal prints to adorable puppy prints and flowers, you’re sure to find one that suits you just right.

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