Cardhop update adds a bunch of handy new features on Mac and iOS

Cardhop for iOS
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Photo: Flexibits

Cardhop, the wonderful contact management app from Flexibits, just got big updates on Mac and iOS.

The latest releases bring a whole bunch of handy new features and improvements — including new templates and template settings, iMessage stickers, and support for multiple business cards.

Flexibits has a reputation for building beautifully useful software, so it’s no surprise that Cardhop has become one of the nicest contact management apps you can get on Apple devices.

Its latest updates improve upon the already-lengthy list of great features — and you can get them now on both Mac and iOS.

Cardhop update out now

The complete list of changes and improvements on iOS in version 1.1 includes:

  • Template settings to customize fields and labels for new contacts
  • Smart group templates: Create smart groups that automatically update based on common contact searches
  • Multiple business cards: create separate business cards for different situations
  • Business card settings automatically sync between devices using iCloud
  • Stickers! Express yourself in iMessage with Cardhop’s sticker pack
  • Gravatar support to automatically find contact photos by email when adding or editing contacts
  • Support for sending messages to groups with the parser (e.g. message /friends Hey guys)
  • Setting to show nicknames in contact lists
  • Sort and group contacts by company, email domain, country, state, city, or ZIP
  • Added option to import directory contacts as regular contacts
  • Added action to send Threema messages
  • Added YouTube social profile label
  • Custom property labels can now be reused when editing other contacts
  • Various fixes and improvements

And the list of changes for the version 1.3 update on Mac:

  • Preference to show nicknames in contact lists
  • Support for sending messages to groups with the parser (e.g. message /friends Hey guys)
  • New templates when adding new smart groups to make it easier to quickly add new smart groups
  • Various fixes and improvements

You can download the latest Cardhop releases from the App Store and Mac App Store now. They’re completely free for existing Cardhop users.

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