Has Apple closed the door on non-Mac App Store apps?

Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

Ever since Apple introduced the Mac App Store developers have warned it plans to close off its platform, so news the company will insist on App Notarization in macOS Catalina set those critics off again. The thing is, it’s a little more complicated.

Yes, Apple is making it a little more difficult for Mac users to install apps that aren’t sold at the Mac App Store or made available from bona fide developers happy to submit their software for the company’s speedy App notarization service.

But it is not making it impossible for people to install Mac apps that come from elsewhere… While Apple is making the Mac more secure for most users, it seems intent on ensuring Mac users/developers who must install/distribute apps elsewhere still can.

MacDailyNews Take: From everything we see and hear, the fears of the Mac becoming a locked-down platform are unfounded.

We like that Apple is focused on making the Mac as safe and secure as possible out of the box. More experienced users can and will continue to be able to turn off security features and install third-party software to their hearts’ content.

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