Aspyr ends 32-bit Mac game sales in shift to inly 64-bit support

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

Game publisher Aspyr is ceasing sale of its 32-bit Mac game catalog on Tuesday, with Monday being the last day the company is offering the titles for purchase, citing Apple’s shift of macOS to 64-bit and end of support for 32-bit as the reason for the change.

Apple has warned for some time that it was discontinuing support for 32-bit applications in macOS, with the recently-revealed macOS Catalina 10.15 being the first version of the operating system to work with just 64-bit apps. High Sierra was the last to support 32-bit apps fully, while the current macOS Mojave will be the last to support 32-bit applications at all.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s the end of an era, for sure. Buh-bye 32-bit apps!

From Aspyr’s support notice:

After today, the entire library of Aspyr titles on Mac will be 64-bit or will receive a 64-bit update before September.

For players who choose not to upgrade to Catalina, your games will continue to work and play just as always! So keep calm and game on. All your purchases on the App Store are linked to your App Store account, and you’ll be able to keep playing as long as you continue to use macOS Mojave.

For Steam players, if you stay on Mojave, you will be able to access your 32-bit Aspyr titles purchased on Steam. Alternatively, our titles all support SteamPlay, so you’ll be able to continue playing on a PC and/or Linux machine. We will continue to support our 32-bit games on Linux, so if you have any issues please reach out to our support team via

Even with this change, it’s important to note that many of the titles we offer today are already 64-bit or will be by September, and will work on Catalina (and beyond) upon its release.

More info an the list of game titles that are being removed here.

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