Final Cut Pro 10.6 hints at WWDC 2019

“As an Apple watcher, I am excited about the announcements at next week’s 2019 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. Hardware news will affect editing and post production this year,” Alex Gollner writes for Alex4D. “Software news will be more about the Final Cut, Motion, iMovie and Compressor of 2020.”

Gollner writes, “Although its is unlikely that iMovie and Final Cut will be able to take advantages of features in macOS 10.15, next week could see some announcements relevant to editing and post production – and to Final Cut Pro 10.6, or whatever versions are released in 2020.”

“Many expect that Apple will at least preview the 2019 Mac Pro and new Apple display,” Gollner writes. “In practice less than 1% of even high-end post production jobs are too much for a fully-equipped iMac Pro. Facilities houses may appreciate that the iMac Pro comes in Space Grey, but they will find it much easier to justify clients not having their own in-house kit when they can show investment in multiple 6K Apple displays and 2019 Mac Pros. The 2019 Mac Pro is a way for Apple to gain a little more trust back from professionals – that Apple gets what they need (as well as what they want). Luckily Final Cut is likely to be along for the ride: one of the few uses of high-end Macs that most journalists and investors understand without much explanation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It wouldn’t be a bad idea for Apple, if they have the Mac Pro ready to show, to make WWDC very pro-focused. The consumers have, basically, the rest of the year, so it’d be nice (and meaningful) give the pros their due this June.

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