Don’t worry about drops with your MacBook Pro with these cases!

Do you have butterfingers and get worried about dropping your expensive investment on the ground? Or perhaps you just want your MacBook Pro to have the best and toughest protection there possibly is. Or you just like that rugged and durable look. Whatever the case may be, we have rounded up some great rugged cases for your MacBook Pro!

Military grade protection

Urban Armor Gear Feather-Light Rugged Case

Staff Favorite

This rugged case from Urban Armor Gear will fit your 13-inch MacBook Pro between 2016-2019. The armor shell has impact-resistant bumpers to ensure total protection in case anything happens, and there’s a tactile grip so your computer won’t slip out of your hands in wet or slippery conditions. It’s military tested for the ultimate drop protection. There is also a 15-inch version available.

$80 at Amazon

Rugged protection for older models

NexCase Heavy Duty Slim Rubberized Rugged Case

This case is made for older 13-inch Retina MacBook Pros (without USB-C and no optical drive) from 2012-2015. The shock absorbing ridges will make sure that no scratches or scuffs end up on your MacBook Pro if it is dropped. The case is a hardshell style that snaps together easily, and it has anti-scratch coating as well as air flow vents.

$27 at Amazon

Unique and rugged design

iBenzer Hexpact Heavy Duty Protective Case

iBenzer’s Hexpact case is designed for 13-inch MacBook Pros with/without the Touch Bar between 2016-2019. The case is dual-layered for maximum protection and shock absorption, and the honeycomb design is distinctive and helps make your MacBook Pro easy to spot, especially if you go with a colored option. It gives unhindered access to all ports, and there are vents for proper air flow to prevent overheating.

$40 at Amazon

Top-notch quality

i-Blason Heavy Duty Dual Layer Rugged Case

This rugged option from i-Blason is made for 15-inch MacBook Pros between 2016-2019 with Touch Bar and Touch ID. It’s similar to the NexCase, and has shock absorbing ridges for the best protection and beveled edges for a secure fit. The case snaps on so it’s easy to get on and take off if needed, and there is an anti-scratch coating. You get full access to all ports, and there is an air vent to prevent overheating.

$31 at Amazon

Fits like a glove

Thule Gauntlet 3.0 MacBook Pro Sleeve

Want something rugged, but not always attached to your computer? Then check out the Thule Gauntlet Sleeve. The rigid exterior protects your MacBook Pro from all sorts of bumps and drops, and the enhanced corners mean impact absorption to keep your gear safe within the padded interior. And since it’s a clamshell design, you can use your MacBook Pro while it’s still in the case, and it’s protected from the elements. It comes in several color options and 13 or 15-inch sizes.

From $50 at Amazon

Rugged with included stand

SPESSN Hard Shell Protective Case

SPESSN’s rugged hard shell case has a heavy duty design with an armored shell and impact-resistant bumpers. It snaps on for easy installation, and you get full access to all of the ports without worry. This case also comes with built-in pop-up feet so you can prop it up for an ergonomic typing angle and better visual experience without straining. It comes in multiple colors.

$21 at Amazon

Like a gumdrop

Gumdrop Droptech Laptop Case

This case only works with the 2016-2018 13-inch MacBook Pro non-Touch Bar. The Droptech is made with durable thermoplastic polyurethane that has been co-molded with polycarbonate, so it gives you unparalleled drop protection. All ports and buttons are easily accessible while the case is installed, and the laptop will fit in universal charging carts without issue.

$40 at Amazon

Bump, bump, bumpity bump!

Thule Vectors Bumper

Thule also has its own bumper case, similar in style to NexCase and i-Blason. These engineered, shock-absorbing ridges mean the ultimate protection for your MacBook Pro, should you ever drop it. The beveled edges also mean a tight and secure fit. The case snaps on easily and there is also a secure closure that keeps the device fastened shut in case of bumps or drops. Thule’s Vector only works the older 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros from 2012 – 2015 with Retina Display (non USB-C).

$48 at Amazon

When you’re always on

UZBL EVA Always On Work-In Protective Laptop Sleeve Case

Prefer an all-in-one solution to protecting and transporting your 13-inch MacBook Pro around? The UZBL EVA is a combination of a sleeve and protective case for laptops up to 13-inches in size. Your laptop snaps into the grips so it’s always locked in, and when it’s not being used, just close it up and carry it with the rubberized handles. The exterior is rigid and tough, while the inside is safe and secure. It’s a great multisolution case, but be warned—there may not be enough space for all accessories, like the charging brick.

$29 at Amazon

Simple but rugged

STM Dux Rugged Case

STM’s rugged case is made from a protective, hard shell polycarbonate and rubber material that’s sure to keep your MacBook Pro safe from everyday bumps and nicks. The cover is transparent, so your computer’s natural beauty shines through, but there are several different color options for the edged bumpers. It’s simple to install, grants full access, and has air vents. You can choose your size and color.

$60 at Amazon

Shine like a beetle

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Bumper Cover

This tough and durable case is made for 13-inch MacBook Pros between 2016-2019 with or without the Touch Bar. It’s transparent so you can see the Apple logo shine through, but the engineered, wraparound rubber bumpers give superb protection during drops and falls, should that ever happen. You get full access to ports and buttons, a fully vented base with rubber feet to prevent slippage, and a unique design.

$30 at Amazon

Slim but durable

MAXCases Extreme Shell 2.0

The Extreme Shell has a clear back that lets your 2016-2019 13-inch MacBook Pro shine through, and the heavy-duty shock absorbing bumpers will keep your computer scratch and scuff free in drops. It’s made from two layers of co-molded material, so it offers great protection. There are also rubber feet on the bottom to keep your computer from moving around on a table as you use it. While it looks slim for what it is, the case does add some heft to your computer overall.

$43 at Amazon

Here are some suggestions

With one of these cases, your MacBook Pro will be safe from getting too banged up when a drop happens. Here are some of our favorites.

We like the Urban Armor Gear UAG Feather-Light Rugged Case because it offers amazing protection while also being fairly slim and lightweight for what it is. Plus, the design is cool.

If minimal rugged protection is your game, then the STM Dux Rugged Case is a good option. We like the simple aesthetic of it, but it is still tough and durable enough to keep your computer safe. We also like the UZBL EVA Always On Work-In Protective Laptop Sleeve Case because it doubles as a case and sleeve that’s easy to carry. If you often take your laptop around with you during school or work, then this case gets the job done, and it’s very affordable.

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