Best iTunes Gift Card deals for May 2019

If you’re an iOS user who hasn’t been snapping up all the latest discounts on iTunes gift cards, you’ve been sorely missing out on some serious savings. As you likely know, the iTunes store is one of the largest digital retailers in the world, offering everything from the latest music releases to new movies and tons of audiobooks, but what you might not have known is that iTunes gift cards are just as valid to use on Apple’s App Store as they are on iTunes. That means you can use them towards the purchase of apps and games for your phone or Mac too, and they even work on in-app purchases!

These gift cards also work to pay for subscriptions that you’ve signed up for through iTunes, whether that be Hulu, HBO Now, Apple Music, or another great service. Now, it’s pretty tough to find a consistent discount on any of those services mentioned, but if you were picking up a discounted iTunes gift card every few weeks, you could keep your iTunes account filled with credit at a discount to make sure you’re never paying full price on anything iTunes or the Apple App Store sells.

Best Daily Bargain Available For Everyone: Over 5% off

Finding an iTunes gift card on sale can be a bit rough at times, especially during the first half of the year. There are a few stores such as Sam’s Club and Costco which offer consistent, daily discounts on them, though those stores require that you have a membership to shop there. That works out perfectly if you’re already a member, but for those who aren’t, you could be waiting a month or so in between deals that are available to any customer. Luckily, Raise is the one site that offers daily discounts on iTunes gift cards which you don’t need to be a member to snag!

Digital Discount

5% or more off iTunes Gift Cards

Raise buys unused gift cards and sells them at a discount via its website, where you can generally score at least 5% off iTunes gift cards. Oftentimes, Raise will release a coupon code for even better savings, though no such code is active today.

Prices Vary

See at Raise

Best Daily Warehouse Club Discount: 5.5% off

Scoring a membership to a Members Only store such as Costco or Sam’s Club can be a little bit pricey, but there are plenty of ways you can make back that cost, and saving daily on iTunes gift cards is just one of them. Surely, on its own that might not be enough to make the membership worth the price, but then again, with all the other discounted products to be had there, from food to electronics, home decor, and much more, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make back what you spend getting in.

Members Only

$100 iTunes Gift Card

Each of the three major warehouse clubs offers a similar daily discount on iTunes gift cards, but Sam’s Club beats out the rest with a discount of around 5.5%. That discount can be applied to physical and digital gift cards valued between $15 and $200. Every few months, the $100 gift card is offered for as low as $84!

$94.47 $100 $6 off

See at Sam’s Club

Other Ways to Save Now


5% off at Target

Have you signed up for a Target REDcard yet? There’s a free debit option which won’t cost you anything extra ever, and it can save you 5% on all your purchases at Target every day! That discount can even be applied to gift card purchases. Plus, Target is offering a $35 promo credit to be used towards a future purchase of $75 or more when you sign up by June 15.

Prices Vary at Target

Prime Pays

5% off at Amazon

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you could be approved for the Amazon Prime Store Card which offers 5% back on most purchases. That would certainly be a way to keep saving on iTunes gift cards, and there’s no annual fee required either.

Prices Vary at Amazon

How to get the best iTunes Gift Card Deals

While we normally only see a worthy deal on iTunes gift cards about once a month, there are a few essential ways to score daily savings which you should keep in mind. The first we’ve already mentioned above; warehouse clubs like Sam’s Club, BJ’s, and Costco offer members a daily discount on gift cards that varies by store. Every few months, they also have special offers which can earn you more than 15% off iTunes gift card purchases.

Another wise way to keep more money in your pocket is by grabbing a new credit card. Some are much better than others when it comes to saving on gift card purchases, which is why you’ll want to review this list of Best Credit Cards for Savings to see which best suits your lifestyle and earns you the most cash back.

There’s one more surefire way to keep an eye on all the latest iTunes card deals, and that’s by following @iTunesCardDeals on Twitter! You can even enable notifications which will let you know of each sale as soon as they’re posted.

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