Super Mario Maker 2 will not feature NFC support

Best Answer: No, the new game will not feature amiibo support.

How do we know?

When speaking with a Nintendo representative GameXplain was told that the new Super Mario Maker 2 game will not include NFC functionality. This means that there won’t be any amiibo unlockable items in the game. Yeah, we’re disappointed about it too.

The early signs

When it was less than a month away from the release of Super Mario Maker 2, we were surprised that Nintendo still hadn’t mentioned amiibo. Then when the Nintendo Direct presentation came amiibo weren’t mentioned at all. Additionally, fans had noticed that the amiibo symbol that usually appears on the promotional ads for Nintendo games was nowhere to be found on Super Mario Maker 2’s images. It wasn’t conclusive but the circumstances weren’t showing in favor of our favorite NFC figures.

A Super Mario Maker 2 collectible

The one thing Nintendo has announced is that anyone who pre-orders a physical copy of the game from a local retailer gets a Mario-themed stylus. Numbers are limited so if you want it, you’ll need to make your order fast.

Why the lack of amiibo support is odd

The original game released with two new compatible amiibo – Mario Classic Color and Mario Modern Color – and it also worked with dozens of existing NFC figures. So, fans had been expecting the next game to feature its own amiibo lineup. Additionally, since amiibo won’t be included with the sequel, the Mystery Mushrooms from the previous game that allowed Mario to transform into into several different third-party characters or objects will not be included.

Building Bros.

Super Mario Maker 2

$60 pre-order at Amazon

Build your own levels in the Mushroom Kingdom

This highly anticipated sequel will include new characters, tools and building options from the original game. Create your own levels and watch other gamers play them. Choose from several different art styles, from classic 8-bit to modern 3D. It is set to release on June 28, 2019.

8-bit Plumber

Mario Classic Color amiibo

$15 at Amazon

Classic-looking amiibo for original Super Mario Maker

This 8-bit Mario figure can be used with the Wii U, Switch, and a number of Nintendo games. Use it with the original Super Mario Maker game to make Mario grow gigantic. It’s a fun allusion to the first Mario games and will look good in anyone’s amiibo collection.

New-Age Plumber

Mario Modern amiibo

$30 at Walmart

An 8-bit Mario amiibo for the original Super Mario Maker

This fun amiibo is a throw back to older, side scrolling, Mario games. Use it on the Wii U with the original Super Mario Maker game to make Mario grow huge. It also releases perks in a number of other Nintendo games and works on the Nintendo Switch.

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