Rabid bat bites man as it hid in iPad case

bat hides in iPad and bites man
Roy Syvertson describes what he saw sticking out from the lid of his iPad case.
Screenshot: WBZ-TV/YouTube

A New Hampshire man opened his iPad last week to a new feature – a rabid bat that bit him.

The bat had wedged itself between the case and the device. Roy Syvertson, 86, of Exeter, had sat in an easy chair to read the news on his iPad when he felt a bite on his index finger.

“(The iPad) was between my knees, tight as can be,” Syvertson told Boston news station WBZ-TV. “(It felt) just like a bee sting. I looked and his two wings were sticking out and the head was in the middle. For an instant, I didn’t know what happened.

“When I saw him, I was completely blown away.”

bat wedged between iPad and case
This bat found a cozy overnight stay between the iPad and its case.
Screenshot: WBZ-TV/YouTube

Syvertson took a photo of the bat and kept it trapped with the iPad and case to get it out of the house. He found the bat dead in the same spot outside the next day and alerted the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

A test on the bat determined it was rabid and Syvertson is undergoing a series of shots to avoid infection.

“I finally figured out how got in there,” Syvertson said. “He stole my password.”

You can watch WBZ-TV’s report on the iPad bat bite below.

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