Apple’s WWDC 2019: Wish list for the Mac

WWDC 2019

WWDC 2019

“We’re only a few days out from Apple’s 2019 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) now, and that means we’re about to exit an Apple world dominated by talk of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, and enter one focused on the next versions of both,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld.

“I would wager that at this year’s WWDC, Apple will spend more time focusing on macOS than at any point this decade,” Snell writes. “But for those who see WWDC as a battle between the Mac and iOS for Apple’s attention, it’s going to feel a little bittersweet.”

Snell writes, “The renewed focus on the Mac side will in large part be about Apple giving iOS app developers the ability to quickly bring their apps to the Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Snell also wishes for unification of automation, which are currently different in iOS and Mac, perhaps by Apple bringing Shortcuts to the Mac and rolling in some AppleScript/Automator goodness in the process. That would certainly be a nice bit of wish fulfillment for users of automation on the mac and on iOS devices!

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