5 Reasons Why Every iPad and iPhone User Needs a Hand Stylus

If you’ve never used a stylus on an iPhone or iPad, you’re missing out. They can offer accuracy, functionality and a slew of other benefits to all iOS device users. While you may think the Apple Pencil is the only option, there’s actually an alternative that comes with some features that Apple’s styli lacks. Continue reading to learn five reasons why every iPhone and iPad user needs a Hand Stylus.

It’s Great for Notes or Drawing

The Hand Stylus features the world’s smallest conductive-silicone 4mm replaceable tip. That makes it great for all types of writing or drawing purposes, letting you jot down notes or create works of art with ease on your smartphones and tablets. It also features an auto-rotating tip so that it wears down consistently over time. Unlike lower-quality styli, the Hand Stylus’ tip can be replaced, meaning you won’t have to buy a whole new stylus once it wears out.

It Feels Just Like a Pen

Even if you don’t use them regularly, you’re probably very familiar with a pen. That familiarity is a huge boon for the Hand Stylus, which doesn’t just function like a pen – it feels like one, too. The Hand Stylus has a weighty, anodized barrel for a premium pen feel and comes with a pocket clip, which lets you easily attach it to a case or a pocket. That clip also keeps the stylus from rolling off a desk, never to be seen again. And, like a pen, it doesn’t need to be recharged before you use it.

It’s Great for Gaming, Too

The Hand Stylus isn’t just great for productivity and creativity, it’s also an amazing tool when you just want to kick back and play a mobile game. With its small and precise tip, you can tap away on your favorite games with speed and accuracy. But it doesn’t just stop there. The Hand Stylus can also help you tap on basically any UI feature with much more accuracy than a finger. Speaking of which, the Hand Stylus is also a great way to keep your iPad or iPhone display free from finger smudges from all that gaming

It Works on Any Touch Device

The Apple Pencil is a great accessory for iPads, but it comes with a downside: it won’t work with your iPhone. That’s a problem that the Hand Stylus doesn’t have. The Hand Stylus is compatible with any touchscreen device: that includes iPhones and iPads, but also Android smartphones and tablets, too. That makes it what is likely the best option if you’re searching for a good styli to use with your iPhone.

It’s Extremely Affordable

While the Hand Stylus is a highly rated and high-quality stylus option, it’s also extremely easy on the wallet. Unlike the Apple Pencil (which is a great device itself) the Hand Stylus won’t require you to fork over upwards of $100. The Hand Stylus normally costs $24.95, and can sometimes be found for $19.95, which is downright affordable compared to the Apple Pencil. But you can actually pick up a Hand Stylus for $15 with this link. At that price, there’s no excuse not to get one.

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Hand Stylus

“No stylus exhibits more thought than the Hand Stylus… Nicely weighted, great-feeling barrel; retractable nib—the smallest, sharpest one in the business…” David Pogue, The New York Times

  • Auto-rotating functionality
  • Easily select items on small screens
  • Create digital drawings with the physical sensation of a real pen
  • Collect accurate signatures for purchases
  • Eliminate fingerprints on your touch screens
  • Works with all touchscreen devices
  • World’s smallest conductive-silicone 4 mm rubber tip

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