How to use grayscale on your Mac

Want to use grayscale on the display of your Mac? Follow along on for how to use this accessibility feature.

Like inverting the colors of your display, using grayscale on a Mac offers greater visibility to some users, particularly with low or impaired vision.

How to use grayscale on your Mac

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac (you can also pull up Accessibility settings with the keyboard shortcut command + option + F5)
  2. Head to Accessibility → Display
  3. As shown below, click Use grayscale

Here’s how the steps look:

grayscale Mac walkthrough 1

Once in Accessibility settings, click on Display on the left-hand sidebar.

grayscale Mac walkthrough 2

Now click the check box next to  Use Grayscale.

grayscale Mac walkthrough 3

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