Dual Bluetooth could make iPhone 11 more entertaining

It's necessary to update your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to remove a Bluetooth security flaw.
Currently, an iPhone can only send audio to one Bluetooth receiver at a time. That might change soon.
Photo: Apple

This fall’s iPhone could include a feature that will make it more fun; dual Bluetooth would allow each handset to send audio to two different speakers at the same time.

This unconfirmed report comes from a source in Apple’s Asian supply chain, according to MacOtakara.

Dual Bluetooth would enable an iPhone to route songs to two pairs of airpods, or two speakers.  This would make it easier to play music around a house, or a couple could listen to the same song via AirPods,

What’s more, MacOtakara raised the possibility of sending different audio streams to separate speakers. This would allow, for example, one speaker to receive music while another is getting spoken navigation instructions. However, that’s not how Dual Bluetooth works on other phones that have already implemented it.

Speaking of which, this is a feature included in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer models so Apple wouldn’t be breaking new ground.

More about the iPhone 11

Quite a few details about the 2019 iPhone have leaked out already. It’s expected to be the first in this line with three camera lenses, and might have a 12MP front-facing one.

This handset will almost certainly debut running iOS 13 on Apple’s fastest processor yet.

Much isn’t expected t change, however. Virtually all sources agree that the 2019 iPhone models will have the same range of display sizes as the current ones: 6.5 inches,, 6.1 in., and 5.9 in.


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