Apple-themed Pride shirts you’ll love to wear

Apple’s iconic rainbow logo is often associated with the LGBT+ movement. That union tends to play a heightened role during Pride Month, which is held each June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. To celebrate, the LGBT community hold various events around the world during the month. Show your support in June or anytime by wearing an Apple-themed Pride t-shirt, including the one we like the best.

Beautifully designed

LGBT Apple Logo Slim Fit T-Shirt

Staff favorite

This t-shirt features the official Apple Logo used by Apple at LGBT events. Our favorite pick because of its direct link to Apple, the t-shirt is available in 17 colors and multiple styles. Though understated, the t-shirt is an excellent choice for members of the community and their supporters.

$18 at Redbubble

It’s iconic

Apple Think Different T Shirt

Apple’s Think Different campaign ran from 1997 to 2002. Often paired with the company’s rainbow Apple logo, the slogan remains popular with fans nearly 20 years after it was last actively used in advertising. With this combination on a t-shirt, you can celebrate your favorite company and show off your Pride at the same time. Available in black only.

$18 at Redbubble

Say hi to pi

I Love Apple Pie Slim Fit T-Shirt

Here’s a unique t-shirt that takes the Apple rainbow logo and attaches it to a message those who love all things Pi will enjoy. The t-shirt is available in 17 colors and various styles.

$18 at Redbubble

‘Nuf said

Apple Shirt T-Shirt

Here’s an Apple t-shirt that takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to its messaging. It’s an Apple Shirt. Get it? The product is available in various styles, colors, and sizes.

$18 at Redbubble

Time traveler

Apple Retro Faded Premium T-Shirt

Printed on ethically sourced, high quality AS color tees, this shirt features a retro design. Available in four different colors, it comes with a wash bag to keep your t-shirt looking great.

$28 at Redbubble

A Lovely choice

Lesbian Pride Apple T-Shirt

Highlighting the “L” in LGBT, this Pride t-shirt comes in white or black. Look for the same colorful logo on other Redbubble products. Due to the production process, the placement of the print may vary slightly from the preview.

$28 at Redbubble


Gay Pride Apple Long T-Shirt

Offering longer body length and a scooped back hem, the Gay Pride Apple Long T-Shirt comes in four different colors and various sizes. Ethically sourced, the solid color t-shirts are 100 percent cotton.

$25 at Redbubble

Look at that

Rainbow Apple V-Neck T-Shirt

The only v-neck on the list, this rainbow Apple t-shirt looks stunning in black. It’s also available in six other colors, including red, gray, and blue. The logo here is Apple’s modern (2018) take of its classic 1977 rainbow logo.

$18 at Redbubble

Think Love, baby

Think Differently About Love Graphic T-Shirt

The designer says it best: “This piece is a play on the brilliant Apple campaign “Think Different.” The whole point of this piece is not about Apple, but the message behind it: Think Love. The world is pretty messed up. Everyone should have a little love!”

$28 at Redbubble

Show off your Pride and love for Apple

For over 40 years, the rainbow Apple logo has had a connection with the LGBT+ community. With the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots approaching, now is a great time to buy some Apple-themed Pride shirts. These affordable t-shirts come in various designs so you’re sure to find something that matches your style.

Wear them to support your favorite technology company and community anytime! We adore the LGBT Apple Logo Slim Fit T-Shirt, which comes in 17 colors and lots of styles. For something a tad more unique, you should check out the I Love Apple Pie, Think Differently About Love Graphic T-Shirt, or any of the others. Whichever one you select, let the celebration begin!

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