Look like you’re wearing Hermès without spending the money on one

The Hermès Double Tour band gives your Apple Watch an iconic look, but it comes at a pretty steep price of $490. If you don’t want to shell out that much for the official Hermès band (and who could blame you), there are some watch bands on the market that offer the same sort of look for a much lower price.

Best for Most

Balerion Double Wrap Band

Staff Favorite

The alerion Double Wrap Band is an incredibly fashion-forward double tour band that can be easily adjusted to fit the biggest and smallest of wrist sizes. Not only is the band itself made from high-quality leather, but the buckle is made from a sturdy sterling silver that comes in a variety of different colors to match the aluminum body of your Apple Watch.

$21 at Amazon


YEHY multi-color double wrap

The YEHY multicolor double wrap is a super comfortable and sleek Apple Watch band that’s ideal for day to day wear while still looking stylish enough to wear out on a night on the town. It is very in line with Apple’s Hermès spring lineup

$19 at Amazon


V-Moro Double Tour Leather Band

The V-Moro Double Tour Leather Band is a beautiful leather band that’s designed with bright, floral accents and designs, so while it’s not an exact replica of the original double tour band, it’s still incredibly stylish and a perfect fit for spring. It can easily be installed and adjusted to fit your wrist.

$11 at Amazon


Valkit genuine leather Apple Watch band

The Valkit comes in a striking muted blue color, and is made of soft, genuine leather, while the buckle is made from sturdy stainless steel. Worried about the band not fitting because your wrists are particularly tiny or large? Never fear — it can be tweaked and adjusted to fit a variety of different wrist sizes for the most comfortable feel.

$20 at Amazon


WAfeel Double Tour Band

The WAfeel Double Tour Band is a striking leather band that comes in a variety of different color options, including orange, red, black, gray, black, blue, green, and so, so many more shades. The rugged stainless steel buckle ensures that your Apple Watch won’t slide off your wrist, while the soft leather band is incredibly comfortable for day-to-day wear.

$18 at Amazon

Luxury Option

OleksynPrannyk Double Wrap Leather Band

Made from genuine Horween leather, the Double Wrap band from OleksynPrannyk is more expensive than our other choices, but provides a more look an feel than the others, as well. Available with hardware for silver, black, and gold stainless steel Apple Watches, you can also select from a wide variety of thread colors to give their band a more personal touch.

$89 at Etsy

Don’t break the bank: Find the perfect Double Tour band for less

These bands all help you get the iconic Double Tour look without breaking the bank. The Balerion Double Wrap Band gives you quite the band for your buck, and the comfortable wear makes it ideal for the person on the go, whether it be at home, the office, a night out, or anything in between.

If you wanted more of a luxury wrap for your wrist, then we have to suggest the OleksynPrannyk Double Wrap. It might be much more expensive than the others, but it still comes in at under $100 and offers a more premium feel than the other bands on the list.

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