Sport bands for Apple Watch are the new black — peep these treats

Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch to date. Because of this, there are countless bands available for the wearable device, including many so-called sport bands. Whether you decide to buy an official Apple Watch Sport Band or something more generic, you’ll find plenty of choices on the market at various price levels and styles.

The original

Apple Sport Band

Staff Favorite

Cupertino’s official sport bands are as old as the Apple Watch itself. Made from a high-performance fluoroelastomer, the band is durable and robust, yet soft. Each wearable comes with M/L and L/XL pieces so you can get your perfect fit. Available in regular and season colors.

$49 at Apple

Just do it

Nike Sport Band

The Nike Sport Bands feature high-performance fluoroelastomer that includes performations for breathability. Strong, yet soft. the bands offers Apple’s pin-and-tuck closure for a comfortable fit. Look for everyday and seasonal colors.

$49 at Apple

Made from Nylon

Apple Sport Loop

The Apple Sport Loop bands are soft, breathable, and lightweight. Featuring a hook-and-loop fastener, the bands offer double-layer nylon weave tha thas dense loops on the skin side for extra cushioning. It also allows for moisture to escape. Like other official bands, there are regular and seasonal varieties.

$49 at Apple

Incredibly cheap

IYOU Sport Band

Available in various sizes, this third-party sport band comes in multiple colors and features hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel lugs on both ends. The band itself is made from silicone that’s both comfortable and durable. Bundles include multiple bands in various colors.

$6 at Amazon

Unique colors

AdMaster Compatible Apple Watch Band

Similar to the official Nike Sport Band, this third-party band from AdMaster is available in colors Nike never imagined, including red/black, midnight blue/vintage rose, and many more. The band includes a stainless steel buckle and is made from a skin-friendly silicone material.

$8 at Amazon

A less expensive Loop

HILIMNY Sport Loop

You don’t have to spend a lot for a sport loop band as you can see here. Offered in numerous colors (including many never offered by Apple), the HILIMNY Sport Loop is made from nylon materials and offers a double-layer weave just like the official version.

from $8 at Amazon

Extra protection


Available in various color combinations, this Apple Watch band comes with a TPU case for protection. The band itself is made of durable, flexible, lightweight material.

$7 at Amazon

Value pack

ATUP Watch Band

Each package comes with two Apple Watch bands with different combinations available. These include a hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustment.

$11 at Amazon

Interesting find

Haveda Sport Band

For something different, consider the Haveda Sport Band that comes in bright colors with a unique design. The third-party band comes with a pin-and-tuck closure and ventilation holes.

$8 at Amazon

Colorful selection

Kolek Floral Band

Beautifully designed, each Kolek band is white with a floral or other type of design on the front. Each pattern is printed using an advanced craft that ensures the pattern color on your band will not fade. It’s considered sweat-resistant, dirt-proof, and waterproof.

from $8 at Amazon

Traditional closure

Alritz Silicone Sport Strap

The Alritz band looks a lot like the official Nike Sport Band, however, it concludes an electroplated buckle. Look for this band in various colors and styles.

$7 at Amazon

A beauty

Greatfine Sport Band

Here’s another flowery choice worth considering. Featuring high-performance soft silicone, the Greatfine Sport Band is available in various designs and sizes.

$8 at Amazon

Official or third-party?

Official Apple Watch bands aren’t cheap as you can see by comparing them to the many knockoffs on Amazon and other websites. Does paying more mean getting a better product? Not necessarily, but keep in mind that not all third-party bands are created equal. Also remember: sometimes, you get what you pay for!

With that being said, we have uncovered a number of third-party bands worth considering because of their unique design, price, or other factors.

Our favorite Apple Watch band remains the official Sports Band, which is both practical and durable. We also adore the official Sport Loop, which is so comfortable you almost forget it’s there! If you’re primarily focused on finding a third-party band, start with the Kolek Floral Band, which is offered a various styles.

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