Wondering what’s moving around in the back room? Get a motion sensor!

When it comes to smart home devices, saying “Hey, Siri,” and turning them on is awesome. But to make things seem even smarter, a motion sensor is even cooler. You can simply turn things on by walking into a room. If that appeals to you, then these are the best HomeKit-enabled motion sensors you can buy.

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Philips Hue Motion Sensor

Staff Favorite

No Philips Hue setup is complete without the Motion Sensor, which simply turns your Hue bulbs on when motion is detected. It’s a glorious way to bypass Siri, and the lights will turn off when you leave the room (or stop moving for longer periods).

$38 at Amazon


EVE Motion Smart Wireless Motion Sensor

The EVE Motion Smart Wireless Motion Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled motion sensor that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with your HomeKit setup. It’s powered by two AA batteries, which should easily last over a year.

$40 at Amazon


iHome iSS50 5-in-1 monitor

This motion sensor will send you notifications when activated, making it perfect for monitoring your home while you’re away. It can also control all of your smart home devices, and it features fives sensors to detect motion and measure temperature, light, sound, and humidity.

$30 at Amazon


Fibaro FGBHMS-001 sensor

This is the coolest-looking sensor on this list, with its blue cat’s eye display that’s either the Eye of Sauron or Mad-Eye Moody’s enchanted fake eyeball. It detects motion, measures temperature and light intensity, and it features an accelerometer to detect whether or not someone’s trying to tamper with it.

$70 at Amazon


Aqara Motion Sensor

The Aqara Motion Sensor is a HomeKit compatible accessory with safety and security in mind: with a built-in light sensor, a 22-foot, 190-degree range and view, instant mobile alerts, 24/7 monitoring, and even a local flashing alarm, it’s designed for ideal peace of mind. It features a battery life of two years.

$22 at Amazon


Koogeek Wireless Window Sensor

The Koogeek Wireless Window Sensor is a sleek and simple sensor that can send you text messages whenever your door is opened. Because it’s so affordable, you can buy a number of them and stick them to all the entrances and doors in your home in order to properly keep track of things when you’re out and about.

$30 at Amazon

Find the perfect motion detector for you and your HomeKit

A smart motion sensor bypasses the need to ask Siri to turn lights on, and it’s perfect for saving energy or even when you come home or go up and down the stairs with your hands full.

We love the Philips Hue Motion Sensor because of how versatile, reliable, and well designed it is. By simply turning your Hue bulbs on when motion is detected, you’re able to quickly get a sense of what’s happening without you needing your phone in hand.

If you’re on the hunt for a motion detector that’s a little bit more compact and affordable, then check out the Koogeek Wireless Window Sensor. Simply peel and stick these sharp little sensors to the entrances around your home, and wait for a notification whenever one swings open.

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