How long does it take Pride Vans to ship?

Best answer: Vans has an excellent shipping policy. Your Pride Vans should arrive three business days after your order is placed as long as you order before 3 p.m.

Shipping choice

Vans offers plenty of choices when it comes to shipping. The standard shipping is free, which is great, and will deliver your purchase in three business days.

Now if you’re like me and forget to do everything until the last minute you can spend a bit — actually quite a lot — more to have them shipped sooner. If you pay an extra $17 you can get them shipped within two days, but it does say it could take up to three days. If that’s the case, why pay the extra money? You might get them on the same day you would’ve got them for free.

There is an overnight option if you’re really desperate. Vans will ship you your new kicks overnight — as long as it isn’t a weekend — for the low price of $22. That seems a little steep to me, but sometimes you just need those shoes.

Why not get them from Amazon?

There are several reasons not to go through Amazon to get Vans. First of all, they are way more expensive. The checkerboard slip-ons that I adore are available at Amazon but they are also double the price, or more, if you want them shipped to you on Prime versus through the Vans website.

Now Prime does allow for 2-day, and even single-day, shipping for free, but the prices just don’t add up. Pay $50 plus $22 for single-day shipping at Vans, or $120 for free single-day shipping on Amazon. Just going off the numbers, It’s clear that Vans is the better choice.

The other reason to go direct to Vans is availabilty. I looked at multple pairs of Vans on Amazon, but the only ones Amazon seemed to have a consistent stock in was the outlying sizes. If you, like me, have enormnous feet you might be in luck — there also seemed to be small sizes too — but if you are an average size, whatever your gender, you aren’t likely to get what you need.

Vans has, of course, a much wider range of stock, and can restock at a moments notice. It’s going to be much easier to get what you want when you want it from Vans directly.

Sk8ter tops

Rainbow SK8 Hi-V

$85 at Vans

High top style

Show your Pride in style with these SK8 Hi-V from Vans. With a cool black top, an awesome rainbow stripe, and an extremely comfortable fit, you can wear these to any parade.

Slip-on beauty

Checkerboard Slip-On

$85 at Vans

Chess, but colorful!

Slip on some colorful kicks with these awesome checkerboard pride shoes. The stark white and colored squares make these really pop.

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