Apple’s hiring for augmented reality is up 30x over last year

“On May 1, 2018, Apple was hiring for just one position focused on AR, or Augmented Reality,” Joshua Fruhlinger writes for Thinknum. “But then one month later, in June 2018, the company showed off SwiftShot, an AR multi-player game developed with the company’s ARKit 2 that ballyhooed persistent and shared AR experiences along with new levels of object detection.”

Fruhlinger writes, “Since that demo, hiring at Apple for AR experts has grown from a humble 5 open positions to 33 as of this week.”

“The hiring upswing is a clear sign that the Cupertino tech giant is looking to make AR a major part of its mobile iOS devices moving forward,” Fruhlinger writes. “A word-cloud analysis of openings for AR since 2016 shows a clear move from R&D to market research, resale, and retail applications.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Work on Apple Glasses is picking up even more speed.

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