Get a stylish, feminine tech backpack with one of these options

There are many tech backpacks out there, though many of them seem to be aimed primarily at men. While we women don’t necessarily need special “women’s” tech backpacks, some of us enjoy having special features such as a wide variety of colors and patterns, a slimmer or lighter design, the ability to double as a diaper bag, or just a more stylish look. These backpacks will hold up any laptop up to a 15-inch MacBook Pro and other essentials for the woman on the go.

Overall pick

Bellroy Classic Backpack

Staff Favorite

This is my own personal daily driver. Its slim and stylish design is truly unisex and goes with any outfit. It’s lightweight, but it’s sturdy and has a nicely padded laptop compartment. There are plenty of pockets and space for all of your other essentials. Choose from six colors.

From $109 at Amazon

Bare minimum

UrbanMover Laptop Sleeve Backpack

This bare minimum backpack is basically a laptop sleeve with straps. It does have two additional small pockets to carry your other gear, but this is for the woman who really just needs to carry a laptop comfortably and not too much else. The adjustable straps can convert the bag into a sling or messenger bag as well. It comes in two fun floral colorways.

$17 at Amazon

Designer bag

Kate Spade New York Nylon Tech Backpack

If you love designer bags, you’ll want a designer tech backpack as well. This gorgeous bag from Kate Spade New York is sure to please. It has adjustable straps, a padded laptop compartment, and plenty of other pockets and space for your other items.

$258 at Amazon

Outdoor tough

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Fjallraven backpacks are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Their water-resistant, dirt-resistant fabric is ultra-durable. Whether your adventures take you through the urban jungle or the actual jungle, your laptop will be safe in its padded compartment. These Fjallraven bags also come in tons of gorgeous colors.

$115 at Amazon

Upscale and unisex

Waterfield Pro Executive Laptop Backpack

This high-end bag isn’t just for women, it’s for anyone looking for a quality bag. It’s thoughtfully designed with just-right pockets and plenty of room for all of your essentials. Its more formal design balances businesslike looks and functionality. This bag is black, and you can choose from four different color leather accents.

$349 at Waterfield

Basic but colorful

Vancropak Laptop Backpack

This is a basic but well-designed backpack that comes in some pretty colors. Padded straps also make it comfortable to wear. Along with a laptop compartment big enough for a 15-inch laptop, it has lots of other pockets and a USB charging port.

From $19 at Amazon

Colorful and big

Winblo Laptop Backpack

This larger-sized but still lightweight backpack has plenty of pockets and room for all of your stuff. The laptop compartment holds up to a 17-inch laptop. It has an external USB with a built-in charging cable that attaches to your power bank. It comes in some lovely, soft colors as well as more unisex options.

$30 at Amazon

Stylish and flexible

Kroser Laptop Backpack

Two large handles on top mean that you can carry this bag different ways. It has a built-in USB port, laptop compartment, and tons of other pockets for carrying your gear. For when you travel, a luggage belt on the back makes it easy to slide onto the handle of your rolling suitcase.

$34 at Amazon

Chic diaper bag

Kah&Kee Leather Backpack

This stylish backpack comes in lots of pretty colors. The top opens wide for easy access to all your stuff. The padded laptop compartment holds up to a 15-inch laptop and there are plenty of other pockets as well. While it is advertised as a diaper bag, and you could certainly use it as such, it doesn’t have any baby-specific features.

$40 at Amazon

Fantastic patterns

Dakine Garden Backpack

With so many gorgeous and colorful patterns to choose from, you’ll have a hard time picking just one. It’s a mid-sized backpack with room for a 15-inch laptop in a padded compartment and all of your other essentials in its many pockets.

From $40 at Amazon

Pretty and functional

Canvaslove Laptop Backpack

Don’t let the pretty patterns fool you, this is a functional laptop bag with room for your 15-inch laptop, plenty of pockets, USB charging port, and built-in USB cable that attaches to your power bank. Choose from 10 colorful prints or a simple gray.

$33 at Amazon

Vintage style

HFSX Laptop Backpack

This unisex backpack has a fun vintage-looking style. It’s fully modern, though, thanks to a built-in headphone jack and a USB charging port. The laptop compartment holds up to a 15-inch laptop and there are plenty of other pockets for all of your essentials.

From $23 at Amazon

Which one should you choose?

You can’t go wrong with any of these backpacks: they all have a compartment or sleeve that will hold and protect up to a 15-inch laptop.

When choosing a tech backpack, I look at a couple key elements: a padded laptop compartment that’s large enough for my computer and comfortable strap that distrubute weight properly (even a MacBook Air can get heavy if you carry it around long enough). Additional pockets are a must, for organizing all of your other gear. Charging ports are a nice feature to have in a tech backpack, but not entirely necessary in my opinion.

Because I’m a person who pays attention to my style, looks do matter to me. My backpack needs to go with my wardrobe and fit in with my overall look. I also need my backpack to carry all of my necessities, as I don’t like to carry a purse or other bag in addition to my backpack. I always recommend the Bellroy Classic Backpack to my friends, because I use it daily and love it. It’s streamlined in both style and function, but it holds everything I need in its multiple pockets. The laptop compartment and the shoulder straps are both generously padded.

If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, I’d go for the Dakine Garden Backpack. It has plenty of pockets including a padded laptop compartment, a fleece-lined sunglases pouch, an organizer pocket, a front pocket, and two mesh water bottle pockets on the sides. I just love the huge selection of beautiful patterns from neutral to wild; you’re sure to find one to suit any taste.

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