Public gets their first iOS 12.4 beta as Apple Card draws closer

Apple Card
The Apple Card apparently can’t be released before iOS 12.4, but that’s moving along.
Photo: Apple

Apple just released iOS 12.4 beta 2 for developers and the general public. So far, it appears that all the changes are behind the scenes getting ready for the introduction of the Apple Card.

Non-developers shouldn’t be confused; Apple is calling this iOS 12.4 Public beta 2 but there was no Public beta 1. Instead, last week’s initial pre-release version was only for developers.

Devs pouring over the next iOS version have found no new features, just signs that Apple is laying the groundwork for its upcoming credit card. The Apple Card will integrate with Apple devices, especially the iPhone and the Wallet app, so new software is necessary.

Get iOS 12.4 beta 2 now

Anyone who’s feeling brave enough to put pre-release software on their iPhone or iPad can sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program and download the latest iOS pre-release version. It’s free and not overly complicated. Just consider, in this case, it doesn’t offer any new features.

Registered developers can grab this beta directly from Apple’s online developer portal. This requires paying a $100 annual fee.

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