How to fully protect your Mac against Zombieland bug, and how badly the fix affects performance

“Want to protect your Mac against the Zombieland (MDS) bug?” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet. “According to Apple, becoming fully protected is not as simple as installing a patch.”

“Step one, however, is to install the latest updates, which are MacOS 10.14.5 for systems running Mojave, and Security Update 2019-003 High Sierra and Security Update 2019-003 Sierra for Macs running older operating systems,” Kingsley-Hughes reports.

“However, if you believe that you are at heightened risk of attack, Apple recommends that you disable hyper-threading on the CPU. And this comes with a huge performance cost, with Apple claiming ‘as much as a 40 percent reduction in performance with tests that include multithreaded workloads and public benchmarks,’” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “That’s a huge performance hit, and one that is likely to not only be noticeable, but have a major impact on how the Mac runs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Intel’s defective garbage is the gift that keeps on giving.

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