Don’t spend a fortune, get the Apple Watch modern buckle look for less

If you’re someone who has an Apple Watch and loves the look of the modern buckle but doesn’t want to break the bank, we have some awesome options for you to check out on this list. Here’s how to get the Apple Watch modern buckle look for less.

Best for Most

MaKer Modern Buckle Band

Staff Favorite

The MaKer Modern Buckle Band is an affordable and reliable strap replacement that looks pretty identical to Apple’s modern buckle. It comes in 22 different color options and is made from a soft, genuine leather.

$29 at Amazon


SIRUIBO Modern Buckle Strap

The SIRUIBO Modern Buckle Strap is a genuine leather band that can easily be slipped onto your Apple Watch. It can fit all Apple Watch sizes and if there are any issues with it, a full warranty has you covered.

$30 at Amazon


CHEEDAY Soft Leather Modern Buckle

The CHEEDAY Soft Leather Modern Buckle is a comfortable strap replacement that looks pretty much the same as the original modern buckle design. It comes in red, black, navy, and soft pink color options.

$31 at Amazon


Nicwea Leather Modern Buckle

The Nicwea Leather Modern Buckle is made from a high quality leather, while the buckle is stainless steel. It can be adjusted to fit a variety of wrist sizes and comes in four different color choices to choose from.

$30 at Amazon

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on Apple’s Modern Buckle band

Picking out the perfect modern buckle replacement strap can be tough, but we hope our list’s made it a little bit simpler for you. Personally, we love the look and the price tag of the MaKer Modern Buckle Band because of it’s durable make, comfortable design, and wide color range.

Maybe you’re on the market for an easy-to-wear, day to day band: the CHEEDAY Soft Leather Modern Buckle isn’t only a precise dupe for the original Modern Buckle, but it’s also designed from a super smooth genuine leather and a reliable stainless steel buckle for a fraction of a price of the original thing.

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