Want to use these Apple pillows? There’s a nap for that

Apple pillows
This Iconic hardware will make your Apple dreams soft and sweet.
Photo: Throwboy

We’ve all fallen asleep at our computer. So why not recreate that moment with hardware that’s actually soft?

Throwboy, the company that takes the familiar symbols of our personal computing lives and sews them into plush pillows, turned Kickstarter success into a warehouse stocked with the new Iconic Pillow Collection.

Throwboy is the Seattle company that started accidentally by Roberto Hoyos, who hand-sewed a set of seven throw pillows based on Mac icons for a girlfriend and fellow Apple fan.

From a viral picture of the pillows 11 years ago grew a company that ships pillows all over the world. Some of the pillows include the smiling Mac finder to popular emoji, like the smiley-faced pooh.

Apple pillows
One of five plush pieces in Throwboy’s new Iconic Pillow Collection.
Photo: Throwboy

The Iconic Pillow Collection was on Kickstarter last fall for just two hours when it surpassed its funding goal. The five pillows are made to look like (without the branding that could violate copyrights and patents) some of Apple’s greatest machines.

The pillows – inspired by the Apple II, the original MacInstosh, the colorful iMac G3, the iPod and first iPhone – run $39.99 each and can be ordered on the Throwboy website.

Throwboy also has a Finder face and spinning wheel of death for the Apple collector who has to have it all.

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