Top Apps Worldwide for Q1 2019 [Chart]

Sensor Tower has shared its list of the most downloaded mobile apps worldwide in Q1 2019.

Topping the list is WhatsApp with 223 million new installs, followed by Messenger with 209 million installs. TikTok came in third followed by Facebook and Instagram in fourth and fifth.

The top 10 apps were the same as the previous quarter, with the top five all retaining their rankings from Q4 2018. Facebook once again had four of the top five apps. Video editing app Biugo and photo editing app PicsArt entered the top 20 apps worldwide for the first time in Q1. First-time users in India helped both apps achieve new install highs in the quarter.

Top Apps Worldwide for Q1 2019 [Chart]

The most download app on the Apple App Store was TikTok with over 33 million installs, followed by YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

TikTok was the most downloaded app on the App Store for its fifth consecutive quarter in the No. 1 spot. YouTube was No. 2 for the second quarter in a row. Twitter had 11.7 million App Store downloads in Q1 2019, making it the No. 16 most downloaded app. This was Twitter’s highest total since Q1 2015 and a year-over-year increase of 3.6 percent.

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Top Apps Worldwide for Q1 2019 [Chart]

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