This Apple Lens concept is so ugly I can’t look away

Apple Lens
These Apple Lenses are waterproofed with style.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Some pretty bad Apple Glasses concepts have graced the homepage of CultofMac over the last two years but this one might be the ugliest one yet. Most concepts go over-the-top with unrealistic tech features. This one has plenty of that, all wrapped up in some Neo Art Deco-style shades that somehow manage to look dorkier than the Microsoft HoloLens. It’s so bad, I’m absolutely fascinated.

If Apple’s long-rumored augmented reality headset looks anything like this we’re going to have to stage a intervention in Jony Ive’s design lab.

Warning — You can’t unsee this video:

Antonio De Rosa’s Apple Lens concept packs an A13 processor in the frames and is powered by graph end cells and an lithium-ion battery. There would be three different finish options, two different sizes and five color options. He even made a concept webpage showing how Apple might market the glasses.

Apple Lens
Surely, Louis Vuitton would make something more fashionable than this?
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Turning AR glasses into a digital tool as invaluable as the iPhone will be the biggest challenge for Apple. The Apple Lens concept shows how it could be used to extend iPhone displays with AR. It also has a “cockpit mode” for drivers that would show your maps, Spotify app and more in a HUD style manner. All that comes in a package that costs $1950 — $30 cheaper than Samsung’s too-good-to-be-real Galaxy Fold.

Apple Glasses
Apple Lens would have Face ID and Hand ID.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Rumors have claimed Apple will come out with its AR glasses in 2020. That still seems a bit optimistic considering how few AR glasses are on the market right now that are actually good. The company has laid the foundation for AR glasses with ARKit. We’re still waiting for a breakout app that makes AR a must-use, but maybe when we have screens strapped to our faces all day developers will finally figure it out.

Apple glasses
“You’ve seen nothing yet.”
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

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