Spod VPN & Web Filter for iOS: Security, Privacy and Anonymity Made Easy

Wouldn’t it be great to have a virtual private network (VPN) for your iOS devices that was truly anonymous and did more than just give you an encrypted “tunnel” for your data? If that sounds good to you, then you’ll love hearing from this week’s Apple World Today sponsor, Spod VPN & Web Filter. Through an innovative iOS app available for both iPhone and iPad, Spod has created a VPN service that provides users with encryption, a powerful Web Filter function to block online threats and phishing attempts, and absolute user anonymity. 


Let’s start with the high level of security Spod ensures. Every bit of data between your device and the Spod network is encrypted with AES-256 and uses the IKEv2 protocol. While that’s common to most VPNs, Spod takes your security one step further with the Web Filter.

The Web Filter is built into the iOS app, and blocks two types of unwanted content from reaching your iPhone or iPad — Trackers and Threats

Trackers are common to most websites, monitoring your Internet usage to show you ads that are relevant to your interests and to gather information. It’s scary to know just how much information can be gleaned from your device, including your age group, gender, location, language, interests and more. 

Each time Spod’s Web Filter detects a tracker, it blocks it, notifies you, and provides information on the source website attempting to track you. 

What are threats? Resources on the Internet that either spread malicious content (like malware or ransomware), or phishing websites. The latter sites may look like genuine websites for banks, credit cards, and other services, but are actually designed to trick you into providing hackers with your personal information. Web Filter detects these threats through the use of a custom firewall and warns you of their existence.


When your iOS online traffic is protected by Spod VPN & Web Filter, third parties are kept from seeing any of your online activities. This includes Internet Service Providers, Wi-Fi providers, and even mobile data service providers.

If you use your iPhone or iPad on public Wi-Fi networks, Spod ensures that all of your personal business is kept from prying eyes.


Our biggest reason to love Spod? They anonymize everything that goes through their network. You never register for the service, so there’s no way for Spod to either track your online activities, keep a log file, or otherwise stick their nose into your business. This is rare in the VPN business, with many VPN providers keeping detailed logs of all of your activity. Not so with Spod!

How do they accomplish this? Through the use of the custom Spod app. Spod processes payments for the service through the App Store, then uses random credentials for each subscription. Spod has no idea who you are or what your email address is — there’s no personally identifiable information in their database.

The Spod app also has the most simple user interface you’ll find on any mobile VPN app. It’s usable and useful for everyone!


At this time, Spod has servers in two countries — the US and Brazil. You use which ever server provides you with the lowest latency or you can use a server in the other country to make it appear that you’re connecting from a different location. 

One-Month Free Trial For Everyone

Intrigued by Spod’s capabilities and rock-solid security, privacy and anonymity? Download the app on the App Store and use it for one month free of charge. At the end of that time, you can choose to either subscribe to the service monthly ($9.99 per month) or annually ($99.99 per year). The annual subscription is your best deal, giving you a 16% discount over the month-by-month subscription. You can stop your subscription at any time. 

In conclusion, Spod is a rare bird in the VPN world — a service that truly provides Security, Privacy and Anonymity for your online ventures. Give Spod a try today!

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