Keep your iPhone X juiced up on the go with a battery case πŸ”‹

Watching YouTube videos, browsing Facebook, sending emails, and making calls are all things we do with our iPhone, and unfortunately, it never seems like there is enough battery life to get it all done in a day. Luckily for all of us, there’s a simple solution to keeping your iPhone X charged and always ready to go: a battery case! Not only will a battery case increase your usage time each day, but it also offers a little bit of protection, so your iPhone X stays looking like new!

Trusted brand

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Staff Favorite

Mophie makes some of the best battery cases on the market, and the Mophie Juice Pack Air comes packed with great features you’d expect from a high-end battery case. It’s low-profile and ergonomic design makes it easy to hole, and the LED indicator lights on the back will show you how much battery you have left in the case. Plus, you can charge your iPhone and the Juice Pack Air at the same time using Qi wireless charging, meaning you don’t have to charge them with separate cables.

$100 at Mophie

Slim but powerful

Trswyop Battery Case

The Trswyop battery case somehow manages to fit in a 5200mAh battery in a super slim profile. This means you’ll get almost two full charges for your iPhone X before having to plug in, so this should be more than enough to get you through an entire day. Another benefit? You can charge this battery case with all of those existing Lightning cables laying around!

$22 on Amazon


Trianium Atomic Pro iPhone X Case

Designed with a protective, 360-degree bumper case, and able to charge your iPhone with the push of a button, this protective battery case will add an additional 14+ hours of talk time or nearly 10+ hours of web browsing time to your iPhone X’s battery life. Unlike plenty of other battery cases, the Trianium Atomic Pro is actually quite slim and compact (though it’s definitely not designed to be ultra-thin and minimalist).

From $29 at Amazon

Low-cost option

Maxboost iPhone X Battery Case

This case not only will provide you with 15 extra hours of talk time thanks to its 4,000mAh battery but it also features a rubbery textured surface that allows you to grip your phone extra tight. The Maxboost iPhone X Battery Case is designed with a lightweight look and feel, and shouldn’t add too much bulk to your iPhone X. Plus, an LED indicator will tell you when your case needs to be charged, and if you need to turn it on or off in an instant, you can hit the button at your leisure!

$20 at Amazon

Built-in wireless charging

Alpatronix BXX Battery Case

The Alpatronix BXX battery case is great for those who love wireless charging. This case comes packed with 4200mAh of extra juice, so you can get a little more than a full charge from it throughout the day. If you already have a wireless charging pad at home, just place the phone with this case on and both will charge like magic.

$40 on Amazon

Apple Certified

ZeroLemon Slim Juicer Extended Battery Case

ZeroLemon is a brand that can be trusted, thanks to the Apple Certified connector. The battery case has 4000mAh, so you’ll get enough juice to get through the day. The case is slim and provides good protection from bumps and drops. There are even safeguards in place to prevent your hardware from getting damaged from short circuiting and overcharging.

$30 on Amazon

Rugged Protection

EasyACC Rugged Battery case

If you care about protecting your iPhone X as much as you care about keeping it charged up, the EasyACC Rugged Battery case wraps your iPhone in solid protection as well as a battery. With a 5,000mAh battery pack, you should be able to get just about twice as much time on your iPhone X before recharging, plus its rugged design will ensure that any minor drops or dings won’t leave your iPhone X any worse for wear.

$40 on Amazon

Why not the Apple Smart Battery Case?

While Apple does make a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS and that case will fit an iPhone X, it isn’t a perfect fit. The Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS is a slight mismatch for the iPhone X. While it does fit and charge your iPhone X, it also has the speaker and microphone holes in very slightly different places. Plus, the camera hump is just a bit off, making the Apple Smart Battery case a less than ideal choice.

Our top pick is the Mophie Juice Pack Air because Mophie has a great reputation of making fantastic accessories for the iPhone over the years. I’ve personally used charging pads, battery cases, car chargers, and other accessories from Mophie over the years and the quality is always a standout.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, the ZeroLemon Slim Juicer Extended Battery Case is a solid choice. Offering more than its fair share of extra battery power and in a slimmer package than a lot of other battery cases, it’s a good way to stay charged up without breaking the bank.

One thing for sure is that whichever case you choose to from the list above, you will extend your iPhone X battery life by a mile and find yourself charging your iPhone a lot less.

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