This wind-up generator charges iPhones with elbow grease [Deals]

Sos Charger

Running out of battery is always a drag, but sometimes it can be downright disastrous. Say, when you’re on a long hike away from power outlets and with no sense of how to get back. So just like emergency wind-up radios, this tool puts the power in your hands, literally.

SOScharger makes it possible to power your phone indefinitely. The 2,300-mAh battery carries enough charge to get most phones over 100%, but it includes an onboard charging handle that you simply turn to generate power. This works under any conditions, so unlike solar batteries, it’s possible to get emergency juice in total darkness. A straightforward USB output makes it compatible with nearly any phone, meaning this isn’t just for iPhone users.

Buy now: Get an SOScharger for $29.99. That’s 49% off the usual price.

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