ViewBug: The Photo Community That Makes You a Better Photographer

Everybody loves to share photos, but today we’re going to tell you about a photo community that gives you the opportunity to grow as a photographer, increasing your skill set and even helping to make the jump from enthusiast to professional. ViewBug  has over two million registered members, and whether you are new to photography or a seasoned professional, you’ll find something to love.

ViewBug revolves around photo contests, with 20 new competitions each month judged by top professional photographers and sponsored by top brands. Through the contests, you can learn more about what makes a photo special, try your skills at shooting an image that stands out from the crowd, and win gear that can take your photography to the next level.

Create your own photo challenge for the ViewBug community to get ideas or see how other photographers might creatively approach a photo assignment. There are over 15 million photos that have already been submitted to ViewBug, and they’re all sure to inspire your creativity.

To build your skills, ViewBug has over 500 video-based on-demand photography courses that can help you take your first non-snapshot photos or stretch your professional skills by mastering a specific technique. Classes can be viewed anywhere and anytime online, perfect for growing your photo smarts in your free time.

The app was recently highlighted on the App Store as a favorite new app. Photographers agree — the app has a 4.7 out of 5 rating with 7,910 reviews by users. 

When you decide to showcase your imagery online, ViewBug is ready to help with a free website builder for photographers. Choose one of many available templates, set up the site in minutes, and enjoy unlimited photography hosting and bandwidth. Protect your photographs with custom hand made logos that stand out and give your photos that professional look.

Want to sell your photography online?  Photos in ViewBug’s Marketplace are showcased to partner agencies, and every copyrighted photograph licensed for publication provides you with income.

Best of all, anyone can get started with ViewBug for free. Just visit the ViewBug website or download the app, sign up, and you can immediately take advantage of free photo contests and classes. Want more benefits? Join ViewBug with a Premium, Pro or PRO+ membership, available as in-app purchases from the app. 

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