Ugreen’s new MFi USB-C to Lightning cable undercuts Belkin and Anker at $13

Ugreen has released its MFi USB-C to Lightning cable and is offering it at an affordable $13 with an instant coupon. That prices the fast charging USB-C cable for iPhone and iPad below other third-party options from Anker and Belkin.

After Apple opened up its MFi certification process to include USB-C to Lightning cables, we’ve seen the first third-parties launch more affordable options this spring. Anker offers its 3-foot USB-C to Lightning cable for $16, while Belkin and others sell theirs in the same $20 range as the official Apple product.

Ugreen is out with its MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cable and it arrives as an even more affordable option. This 3-foot cable is compatible with USB-C chargers like Apple’s all the way up to 87W (but max output is at 18W PD) as well as other USB-C chargers. That allows Apple’s latest devices like iPhone XS, XR, iPad Air, iPad mini, and more to fast charge, providing up to 50% battery in as little as 30 minutes.

Along with the MFi certification, Ugreen’s cable includes built-in overvoltage protection and is tested for up 15,000 bends, making it a durable product. We’ve reviewed a range of Ugreen products here at 9to5Mac and have found the company to make solid Apple accessories.

Ugreen’s MFi USB-C to Lightning cable normally sells for $14, but with the currently available 5% off instant coupon on Amazon, the price comes down to $13.29. Ugreen has an 18W USB-C power brick in white for $16 and a black 30W version for $15.

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