Introducing Adapt, a New iPad Podcast on Relay FM

The iPad has been a key subject at MacStories for years. In fact, it was Federico’s exploration of using the iPad as his primary computer that first led me to become a reader of the site, and subsequently an iPad-first user myself.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce a new podcast on Relay FM where Federico and I get to talk about the iPad and challenge ourselves to do new things with our favorite device. The show is called Adapt, and the first episode is available now.

Adapt was born out of a love for the iPad, and a desire to continue pushing our own use of it forward. Federico formerly hosted an iPad-focused podcast with Fraser Speirs called Canvas, but since that show ended Federico and I have been dreaming up its spiritual successor, with a similar focus on the iPad but a unique new format.

Each episode of Adapt will revolve around a different iPad-specific challenge. Either Federico or myself (or sometimes both of us) will be assigned a challenge that will involve using the iPad in a new, different way from our norm. We want to stretch ourselves to always pursue creativity in our use of the iPad, rather than getting stuck using the same workflows and doing the same tasks. Our hope is that as we share about tackling these challenges, our experiences will inspire listeners to consider how their own iPad use can evolve. At first Federico and I will be assigning each other’s challenges, but we plan to integrate listeners’ challenge ideas in the future. In our first episode, Federico is tasked with using a custom software keyboard to get something done for work.

Joining the challenge segment, episodes of Adapt will also regularly feature a unique topic having to do with various aspects of the iPad and iOS. We’ll discuss matters like the upcoming iOS 13, specific apps we’ve been trying out, iPad hardware and accessories, Shortcuts, and more.

Finally, in many episodes we will also have a segment featuring listener questions. Federico and I have a combined 18 years of experience using the iPad, and 11 with the iPad as our primary computer. The journey to using an iPad as more than a tablet can come with its speed bumps, and we want to help you navigate those. If you have an iPad-related question, just send a tweet containing your question and the hashtag #AskAdapt. We’ll do our best to answer every question we can.

Adapt’s name and tag line, “Stay Curious,” were birthed from a desire to continue learning, growing, and adapting to the new tools the iPad offers. Computing is experiencing a major period of transition, moving from traditional systems to those evolved from the smartphone, and we want to be at the forefront of adapting to that change.

Whether you’re merely curious about the iPad or you’re already a heavy iPad user, we think Adapt will provide a perfect opportunity for you to explore along with us what this device can do.

You can subscribe today via Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Castro, or our RSS feed and start listening to our debut episode now. Episodes of Adapt will be published every two weeks on Thursdays, so our second episode will drop on May 30th. If you want to follow the show on Twitter, we’re @_adaptfm, and more information is available on the Relay FM website.

I’m excited at the chance to join Federico in stretching the iPad, and ourselves, in ways we’ve never done before. It’s going to be a fun ride.