Apple’s new NFC support will change the way you pay

“Apple doesn’t participate in a lot of outside developer conferences; at least, not as a presenter,” Jason Cross writes for Macworld. “So it’s unsurprising that a small presentation from Apple at the Transact conference (which focuses on the electronic transactions industry) flew under the radar.”

“But what Apple announced there may change the way we pay for stuff,” Cross writes. “It could make Apple Pay and your iPhone a much more common way to pay for everything from vending machines to parking meters—essentially anything where you don’t visit a register with a point-of-sale system.”

“In late April at the Transact conference, Apple announced coming support for new NFC payment capabilities,” Cross writes. “As reported on Twitter by developer Steve Moser, Apple is adding the ability to unlock your phone, tap on an NFC tag, and pay for something directly in Apple Pay. Sometimes even without installing an app first.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We expect to hear a lot more about Apple Pay’s very bright future at this year’s jam-packed WWDC starting June 3rd!

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