Woz: Two counterintuitive reasons I was able to build ‘A+’ products that started Apple

“In 1976, Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs in a Silicon Valley garage,” Catherine Clifford reports for CNBC. “In the three months February, March and April, the iPhone and Macintosh computer maker reported quarterly earnings of $58 billion, according to its April 30 financial statement.”

“Wozniak designed Apple’s first products, the Apple I and II computers,” Clifford reports. “Wozniak says there were really two counterintuitive factors that meaningfully contributed to his innovation at Apple,” Clifford reports. “‘Everything I did at Apple that was an A+ job and that took us places, I had two things in my favor,’ Wozniak said: In the beginning, he had a tight budget, and he’d never done such things before… While some education and training is important, according to Wozniak, what’s more crucial is to be able to think creatively.”

“Wozniak says it was because of his relative inexperience that he didn’t have ‘normal’ expectations, and that gave him a competitive edge. As a result the disks and computers he designed used a fraction of the chips others did at the time,” Clifford reports. “‘If I had had experience, I would have designed things with 50 chips instead of eight chips,’ Wozniak said.”

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