True or False? Some of These iPhone Battery Myths Are Factual

In late 2017, Apple came clean and announced that it was slowing down iPhones with older batteries. The company explained why it made that decision and, to me, it made sense. It seemed better to have a device run a bit slower than to shut off unexpectedly. The situation could have been handled better, but Apple did make it up to their customers by offering battery replacements for only $29, which would remedy the slowdown issue.

The discounted battery program drove thousands and thousands of people to Genius Bars looking for battery replacements. I experienced, first hand, the massive amount of increased traffic. During which, I heard crazy theories and perceptions about what was happening to their iPhones’ batteries.

Everything from “Apple is intentionally damaging the batteries” to “putting your iPhone in the freezer when you aren’t using it will help the battery last longer!” With that being said, let’s cover a few of the more common theories and discuss whether they’re true or false.

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