Take your Apple Watch on the road and protect it while it charges

Being able to charge your Apple Watch on the go can be a tricky thing to do, but if you have the right portable charger, you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice again. Here are the best portable chargers available that’ll let you charge your Apple Watch.

Best for most

Huishang Charging Case

Staff Favorite

The Huishang Charging Case is a protective and affordable Apple Watch case that’ll hold your Apple Watch and keep it safe during travel. It comes in a sleek black color and is designed with a carabiner, making it easy to clip on to your bag or backpack.

$11 at Amazon


BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch

The BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch is a beautifully-designed portable charger for your Apple Watch and iPhone, and it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite around iMore. This portable battery is built to be small enough to carry comfortably in your back pocket, while a protective strap also keeps it secure while charging. You can pop it in your bag and easily charge on the go.

$100 at Amazon


Griffin Travel Power Bank Backup Battery

If you’re looking for a reliable, compact, and portable Apple Watch battery charger that’s small enough to fit on your keychain — but powerful enough to provide up to two and a half full charges for your Apple Watch — then take a peek at the Griffin Travel Power Bank. It charges easily with any 5V USB charger or USB computer port, while an LED light will indicate its status.

$31 at Amazon


Moretek Hard Protective Charing Case for Apple Watch

If you’re looking for a charging case that’s also durable and adds a layer of protection to your gear, then you might want to check out this Moretek case. This particular charger is made from a tough, shockproof material that protects your Apple Watch as its battery boosts.

$12 at Amazon

Plug in

USAMS Portable Magnetic Wireless Charger

The USAMS Portable Magnetic Wireless Charger is a small but mighty Apple Watch charger that uses a USB design to charge your Apple Watch in two hours. It comes in black and white color options and can even be used as a keychain.

$20 at Amazon


FACEVER Portable Travel Charger

The FACEVER Portable Travel Charger is a sleek and simple Apple Watch charger that can be plugged in to any USB port to charge your wearable. It takes around two hours to charge your Apple Watch with it and is even designed with temperature protection to keep your watch safe.

$19 at Amazon


MoKo Storage Box Charger

The MoKo Storage Box Charger is a durable and reliable charger that’s designed to protect your Apple Watch on your adventures. It’s designed with a carabiner on the back for easy clip on portability, and comes in five different colors, including rose gold, blue, black, brown, and an eye-catching leafy pattern.

From $13 at Amazon


MOFUU Wireless Charger Keychain

The MOFUU Wireless Charger Keychain is a highly portable Apple Watch charger that can be clipped onto your keyring for easy access. It’s an MFI certified charger, and if you’re worried about your Apple Watch slipping off, a strong magnet will keep your wearable safe and secure.

$34 at Amazon


kinnara Apple Watch Charging Wallet

The kinnara Apple Watch Charging Wallet is an incredibly affordable and sleek Apple Watch charger that fits in the palm of your hand. Simple open the protective layer and put your Apple Watch on the secure magnetic charging sensor and you’re ready to start charging your Apple Watch.

$8 at Amazon

The perfect portable charger

Is there a charger that we missed on our list that you count on for charging your Apple Watch on the go? There are so many options out there that we have a hard time choosing a favorite, but we really love the look and feel of the Huishang Charging Case. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also incredibly protective and practical for travel.

The MOFUU Wireless Charger Keychain is a really portable charger, and super easy to use, especially when it’s on your keychain. The secure magnet makes sure that your Apple Watch won’t slip off and break during your adventures far and wide.

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