Pride comes in new faces with watchOS update

Pride Apple Watch faces
Pride has its range of styles.
Photo: Apple

Apple Watch wearers now have a couple of style options on how to show LGBTQ Pride, including a new face with thicker threads of color and a choice of analog watch hands.

The Pride face options became available this morning when Apple released watchOS 5.2.1.

Watch users can opt for the popular 2018 Pride face, which features vertical threads of color on a black background. The 2019 face eliminates the black background in favor of thicker rainbow threads that fill the space.

The watchOS update marks the first time Apple created an analog Pride option, which ditches the digital display of time for watch hands lightly displayed on square or circular displays of Pride colors.

A quick tap of the display makes the colors appear to wave and a longer tap allows watch wearers to go through various face options.

Apple has long been a strong supporter of gay rights, often using products such as special Pride bands to raise money for several LGBTQ organizations. Apple usually debuts new Pride bands at WWDC, which this year runs June 3-7.

Apple employees march in San Francisco’s annual Pride parade and since coming out publicly, Apple CEO Tim Cook at times uses his platform to promote rights and equality for all.

Source: iPhone Hacks

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