Pixelmator Pro Gets New Core ML-powered ‘ML Match Colors’ Feature [Video]

Pixelmator Pro has been updated with a new Core ML-powered ‘ML Match Colors’ feature that matches the colors of different photos using machine learning.

ML Match Colors does this magic by fine-tuning 37 different color adjustments, including things like Exposure, Shadows, Highlights, individual color ranges, and more. So it matches both colors and lighting! And it’s so easy to use. Just drag and drop any photo onto the Color Adjustments pane to match its colors. Fun fact: this feature is powered by the same machine learning algorithm we created for ML Enhance, so it has been trained on 20 million professional photos.

ML Match Colors is available in the Edit menu as Paste and ML Match Colors, so whenever you paste an object, you can automatically match its colors to the new image.

In Pixelmator Pro 1.3.4, there’s also a new Free Transform tool.

Just like with every feature from the original Pixelmator, we’ve made it more advanced and more powerful in Pixelmator Pro. For one, we focused on preserving every detail, even in extreme transformations. So the quality of our Free Transform tool is second to none. What’s more, any nondestructive edits applied to layers are preserved after transforming. And layers can be resized using three different image scaling algorithms — Bilinear, Lanczos, or Nearest Neighbor!

Check out the full changelog below…

What’s New In This Version:
Pixelmator Pro 1.3.4 brings the incredible ML Match Colors, which intelligently matches the colors of different images using breakthrough machine learning, a Free Transform tool for freely resizing objects, adjusting perspective, skewing, and distorting, and includes a range of additional improvements and fixes.

New Features
• With the incredible ML Match Colors, you can now match the colors of different images using breakthrough machine learning.
• Paste and ML Match Colors lets you intelligently match the colors of pasted objects to the images you’re pasting into.
• The all-new Free Transform tool makes it a breeze to freely resize objects, adjust perspective, distort, skew, and rotate.

Learn More
• Use ML Match Colors by dragging and dropping images onto the Color Adjustments pane.
• Find ML Match Colors in Format > Color Adjustments.
• Find Paste and ML Match Colors in the Edit menu.
• When dragging and dropping objects into compositions, press and hold the Command key to automatically use ML Match Colors on the inserted object.
• Turn on Free Transform by pressing the Command-T or Command-F keyboard shortcuts.
• Transform layers using four different modes — Free, Skew, Distort, and Perspective.
• Choose from 3 unique algorithms — Bilinear, Lanczos, and Nearest Neighbor — when transforming individual layers and layer groups.
• The high-quality perspective transformation algorithms in Pixelmator Pro better preserve image detail compared with other image editors.
• Any layer can be transformed — whether it’s some text, a shape, group, open path layer, or even a RAW layer.
• Use the grid when transforming to guide your transformations or turn it off, if you prefer.
• When transforming, press and hold the Command key and drag any handle to temporarily distort instead of resizing.
• Press and hold the Shift and Command keys together and drag any handle to temporarily skew.
• Press and hold the Option, Shift, and Command keys together and drag any handle to temporarily adjust perspective.
• When resizing, press and hold the Shift key to constrain proportions. Press and hold the Option key to resize from the center.

• Automatically center inserted objects by pressing and holding the Shift key while dropping them into your composition.
• Constrain Proportions will now be enabled for RAW layers by default.
• You can now drag and drop colors from one color well to another.
• Force click layer and slice names to start renaming them.
• Improved zoom performance for compositions with a large number of layers.
• When using the Repair tool, its progress indicator will now appear on the canvas rather than below the toolbar.
• When inserting objects, a progress indicator will now appear on the canvas.
• Display P3 has been promoted to a common profile within the color profile list.

• When pasting shapes with masks, masks would sometimes be copied incorrectly. Fixed.
• Layers would sometimes flicker when erasing any areas around their edges. Fixed.
• On rare occasions, the Erase tool would stop erasing. Fixed.
• When using the Clone tool, the source indicator would remain visible on RAW layers. Fixed.
• A partially transparent outline of the Open dialog would sometimes remain visible after opening images. Fixed.
• Cropping using custom aspect ratio presets would sometimes be imprecise. Fixed.
• Original Pixelmator documents with non-standard color profiles would be opening with shifted colors. Fixed.
• When creating a selection with multiple layers and using certain nondestructive tools, the Deselect command would not work correctly. Fixed.
• When opening Photoshop documents, PPI settings would not be correctly preserved. Fixed.
• When resizing layer groups with certain effects applied, layers could disappear at specific scales. Fixed.

You can purchase Pixelmator Pro from the Mac App Store for $39.99.

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Pixelmator Pro Gets New Core ML-powered 'ML Match Colors' Feature [Video]

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