New Harry Potter: Wizards Unite trailer reveals magic is all around us!

Niantic and WB Games drop a new trailer for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

With the beta of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite still going strong in only New Zealand and Australia, the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team has certainly been drumming up a lot of hype for the upcoming AR mobile game. In a new trailer released today, it seems they are calling all wizards and witches to help solve the calamity and Death Eaters even show up! Watch the trailer below:

There are a lot o cool things in this short trailer including, the Monster Book of Monsters attacking a shopkeeper, the Sorting Hat showing up on a fashion magazine cover, and some cute kittens playing with a runaway Golden Snitch. It’s clear that the magic from the wizarding world is breaking through to the muggle world and The Calamity is upon us.

Unfortunately, the trailer didn’t give us a release date or any new gameplay footage, so even though it has hyped up awaiting fans, it still leaves us with the most significant question? When is the game coming out?

Release must be on the horizon

While Niantic and the whole Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team has yet to state a release date, it has to be close to launching in some capacity soon! With the email over this past weekend reminding people to invite their friends, and now this trailer today, it’s clear that the launch of this game to more people must be close at hand!

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