Every Joy-Con controller color plus some customization options!

You can make your Joy-Cons fit your style with colors that match your favorite games. Joy-Cons of all colors are in stock regularly so you can buy as many different-colored extra Joy-Cons as you want! You can even make your controller look new with a silicone cover or a new shell! Here is a list of every official color of Joy-Con available, plus a few customization options so you can really stand out.

Pro Tip: Do not put an adhesive skin on your Joy-Con controllers. According to DBrand, a top-named adhesive skin maker, the factory coating on the Joy-Cons and the console can be damaged by adhesives.

Standard option


Of course, the most popular color is the one that comes standard on most Nintendo Switch devices. If you want to stick with the norm you can get this standalone pair.

$67 at Amazon.

Go vibrant

Neon Red

Gray and red are an aesthetically pleasing combination of colors. You can liven up your Switch with a set of reds (officially called “Neon Red”) to pair up with your standard set.

$82 at Amazon

Beach favorite


Blue is a very popular color. The official “Neon Blue” Joy-Cons look great with the gray Switch and they’re not as unreasonably priced as they once were.

$100 at Amazon.

Mix it up

Red & Blue

When the Nintendo Switch first launched, it was available with standard gray controllers or the red and blue variety. The left Joy-Con controller is red and the right one is blue.

$70 at Amazon.


Neon Yellow

Nintendo released a set of neon yellow Joy-Con controllers to coincide with the launch of ARMS. These bright controllers are hard to miss. You might even be able to see them in the dark.

$67 at Amazon.

Splash it up

Neon Pink & Green

Nintendo Switch officially released the Neon Pink and Neon Green Joy-Con controllers in the U.S. in Janurary of 2018. They match to the theme of Splatoon perfectly!

$69 at Amazon.

It’s a-me!

Super Mario Red

You can’t get these separate from the full Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition bundle. If you don’t already own a Switch I highly recommend this model. The deep red color of the Joy-Cons is much more pleasing to the eyes than the standard gray option.

$544 at Amazon.

Classic controllers

NES Controllers for Nintendo Switch

This sweet set of nostalgic NES Joy-Cons is only available to those with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Nintendo only lets you purchase one pair per customer. To learn more read our article on how to buy new NES controllers for Nintendo Switch.

$60 at Nintendo.

Out of the shell

eXtremeRate Replacement Joy-Con Shells

If you’d prefer more unique color options, consider switching out the shell of your Joy-Cons. There are 11 awesome colors to choose from. Just keep in mind that replacing the shell voids the warranty on your controllers. But if the warranty is already up, there’s nothing to lose. This company also offers replacement back plates for your Switch console.

$24+ at Amazon.

Customizing options

ColorWare paint

You can have your entire console match with a custom painted Nintendo Switch that is complete with your choice of colors for the tablet, the dock, the Joy-Cons, and the Straps. There are even options for buying just the custom painted controllers. When it comes to colors you can choose from solids, metallics, gloss. or matte.

$150+ at ColorWare.

Cover it up

Silicone covers

This set comes with a set of both black and yellow silicone covers, a left-handed blue cover, and a right-handed red cover. The package also comes with two black, blue, and red caps for the joysticks, so you can mix and match your colors. They all feature a slightly more ergonomic design on the backside for more comfortable gameplay when you’re using your Joy-Cons separately.

$12 at Amazon.

Designed silicone

Splatoon 2 Silicone Cover (Japanese import)

If you’re a diehard Splatoon fan and don’t want to pony up for a set of pink and green Joy-Con controllers you can get an official Nintendo silicon cover with the Splatoon splatter design. This is a Japanese import that you can find for about a quarter of the cost of the pink and green Joy-Cons. Plus, these ones look even cuter.

$29+ at Ebay.

Get crafty

Mix & Match Shell replacements

These awesome hard-covers for your Joy-Cons will blow you away. Relive the nostalgia with the same see-through design of your old Gameboy. Something about being able to see all the cables and hardware makes it that much more exciting and retro.

$132+ at Etsy.

More Nostalgia

NES style Shell replacement

Speaking of Nostalgia, you should probably get your hands on these NES style controllers as well. If you’ve got a couple bucks to spare, and you are starting a collection, these controllers would look great with all the vintage gaming gear on your shelf.

$180 at Etsy.

Under control

Whether you simply want a change in color or you didn’t care for the color Joy-Cons your Switch came with, there are several replacement options out there. Customizing your controllers adds a touch of you to your console set up and changes the overall feel of your console. There are tons of different designs and color choices out there for you to consider so make sure you pick the one that pulls your heart the most!

I personally love the vibrancy of the Mario Red Joy-Cons and the unique shade of red. Since that can be incredibly expensive, you might want to consider the cheaper option of switching out the shell with an eXtremeRate replacement Joy-Con shell. In addition to the beautiful red, there are several other colors to choose from. If you love the feel of nostalgia consider these NES Classic style controllers.

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